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May 23, 2011

These Boots Were Made for...Everything

When Simon mentioned off-handedly that he wanted to get cowboy boots to wear with his suit for the wedding, he didn't know that a source immediately sprang to my mind and that he was soon going to own the boots of his dreams. I thought of Langston's Western Wear because Jennie had spoken so highly of them, and let me tell you, neither the company nor the boots fell short of my expectations: top-notch customer service, and the boots, well, they are the most beautiful boots I have ever seen.

The boots with our rings, by Sweet Monday Photography.

As much of an honor as it was to be the conduit for such a wonderful gift to such a wonderful guy, I'm equally chuffed to have this opportunity to award one of you out there your own free pair of Corral boots!

These particular boots (black lizard inlay) are divine, and in case you care about such things, Simon says they're comfortable too. (As far as I'm concerned comfort is just gravy when you're talking about shoes that look this good. Even if they pinched and chafed, they'd be WORTH IT (says the person who isn't wearing them), but Simon says they actually feel great, whether he's dancing at a wedding or driving on a road trip or skipping rocks on the American River with a saggy-bottom boy or stomping out rhythm onstage at a twang show.

(Before now, Simon's gig shoes have been a pair of motorcycle-style boots his dad used to wear to mow the lawn. These new Corral boots are not lawnmowing boots.)

The Corral line offers both men's and women's styles, and Imma get me some using this special discount Langston's supplied just for you guys:

Value: Free Ground Shipping on Any Order
Expiration: 05/30/2011

Because the coupon code expires on Monday, this will be a lightning-fast giveaway so if you don't win the boots you can still take advantage of the free shipping. To enter, leave a comment by midnight Pacific on Thursday, May 26 (four days from now!), telling me which Corral boots you'd get if you won. (Note: Langston's can only ship within the U.S.) You're of course welcome to pick out a style not just for yourself but for the deserving cowboy in your life, or perhaps for the indecisive blogger who needs help choosing between the Winged Peace Hearts or the Eagles or the look-at-me reds. (A friend of mine actually wore red cowboy boots to her wedding and it was killer.)

For an extra entry, follow Langston's on Twitter (and let me know via comment or email that you did), and just for fun, check out the Langston's blog for some boot-savvy fashion inspiration. The Langston's Western Wear Facebook page is another resource for style ideas as well as a hub for special offers and promotions, so go on and Like that too.

Big, huge, enormous thanks to Langston's Western Wear (they have more than just boots, by the way) for this giveaway, special discount code, and the mile-wide smile on my new husband's face.


Those look-at-me reds are gorgeous. I would definitely choose them, and challenge myself to wear them as often as possible.

The Ariat Quickdraws are pretty great, but it would also take me forever to decide which to settle on! Great giveaway. (I also followed them on Twitter.) Thanks!

I've recently started a wish-list of must-have items for my closet. Being from the midwest, this list obviously contains cowgirl boots. The Chocolate Vintage boot with Lizard overlay would send me over the moon!

I've been wanting a pair of boots like these for yeeeeeeers. I wouldn't want to have to be twinsies with Simon if I won and we showed up at the same party wearing our boots. So I'd probably go with the chocolate/python inlay.

And I followed Langstons, too, so gimme my extra entry.

I hope I win!

I lurve the cognac vintage lizard overlay boots. For me. Because my husband doesn't want any boots, not because I'm selfish. Honest. ;)

Yup, bummed I can't win. Crap, I would certainly go for the wings and crosses as my second pair. They are so very cool.

I've also been lusting over these since Jennie reviewed them! I'm kind of a newbie when it comes to cowboy boots (although I *DID* have a pair of fuschia suede boots when I was in grade school), so I'm going to go wtih the sensible Chocolate/lizard overlay.

I would love to win these for my fiance. I've never been able to get him an actual gift he loved/didn't expect and I really want to get him nice boots for grownup life/our wedding since the scuffed-up brown ones he wears every.. single.. day are falling apart.

I LOVE BOOTS SO HARD. I need the "Corral Women's Eagle Stitched Distressed Crackle Saddle Boots" STAT.

I have such a soft spot for cowboy boots, having grown up watching my grandfather wear literally nothing else. Baseball games? Boots. Weddings? Boots. Poolside? Boots.

The chocolate/black "Corral Vintage Women's Boots with Lizard Overlay" are (amazing, yes! and) my very favorite.

Love those boots.

I think Ron might like some so I am entering this contest!

I think I'd get the Lizard Overlay - Chocolate/Black. Pretty.

My heart yearns for the Vintage Lizard overlay in black. Slurp!

I am totally in love with

Corral Boots - Women's Goat/Laser Overlay Cowboy Boots - Chocolate-Sand/Turquoise

and think that I HAVE to have them, I mean what kind of Texan am I not owning any cowboy boots, right?

I would definitely get the tan ones. What an awesome give away!

If I won, I'd get the boots Dan wants for him. Because he's seriously been wanting cowboy boots for at least as long as I've known him, which is more than 10 years now!

I love the ones with the turquoise peeking through! WANT.

Red boots forever!!!

Also: Now following Langston's on Twitter! (Via my @kerriladish account because I'm multi-taskery like that.)

Corral vintage for sure. I've been looking for great boots forever!

OMG, these boots are just awesome. And, clearly, I would have to have the red ones, because, HELLO? Red cowboy boots? I'm pretty sure I've been dreaming of those since I was a little girl when my best friend got to ride horses and have really cool boots and I did not.

I am a grandfather, and the first pair of boots I ever owned were Dingos, and my wife bought me a pair of Dingo harness boots which I still mourn the loss of, after many years of enjoyment! I would have to get the Dingo men's harness boots in Mahogany! Please let me win.

Chocolate Vintage. Even though I could pick way more than just one. they are all fabulous!!

i follow Langston's on FB!!!

if I won, I would get the butterfly boots. I have been drooling over those for a couple of months. I love boots...

Awesome awsome boots! Sooooo need a pair of these :)

I absolutely love the Women's Goat/Laser Overlay Cowboy Boots in Chocolate-Sand/Turquoise

I already follow Langston's on Twitter !

Oh, I love all the boots. I haven't owned cowboy boots since I was in 4-H and had to wear them when I showed pigs and sheep. I'd have to get the pink pair or maybe the ones with black over turquoise.

would love a pair of the Corral Boots - Women's Vintage Lizard Overlay Cowboy Boots - Black....sooooo cute

Sorry, I forgot these were to be corral boots, so I would choose Corral Men's Distressed Black Boots with Gold Wings and Silver Crosses

I love the Women's Butterfly Inlay Cowboy Boots.

I follow Langston's on Twitter @wizardewu

I'd pick the Winged Peace Hearts - no question about it! I ordered the Cross Cut Outs through Langston's on line and my 15 year old daughter wears them every chance she gets. It's unbelievable how comfy Corral boots are. We'd love to have two pair to share!

Ahhh I've entered every giveaway Langston's has done and am determined to finally win one! Since I already have a pair of brown cowboy boots--that I, like Simon, wear with absolutely EVERYTHING--I would go with those snazzy red beauties to mix it up a bit.

Already follow them on Twitter! Pick me, pick me! I'm Southern! I was born to wear cowboy boots!

Thanks for holding such a neat contest! Although I truly love all the Corral boots at langstons.com, I'd choose the Women's Vintage Cowboy Boots w/ Bone Lizard Overlay if I won. ♥

I like Langston's on Facebook, too

I have wanted cowboy boots forEVER. And I totally can't figure out which ones I like better - I mean, red cowboy boots? But I think I have to go with the black ones with the turquoise overlay. (and I followed Langston's on Twitter, too).

Man oh Man, which to choose, which to choose....?!?

I guess I would have to go for Women's Vintage Lizard Overlay - Black if I won (btw I've been sitting on this comment for the past 10 min b/c I've changed my mind a few times)

I know that my wife really wants a pair of these boots so I'm entering to win a pair for her - the Butterfly Inlay Cowboy Boots.

I follow Langston's on Twitter.

Corral Vintage Women's Boots with Lizard Overlay - Chocolate/Black would maybe have the edge with me? They're all gorgeous! Throw my name in the hat!

I LOVE the Vintage Woman's Boots w/ Lizard Overlay in Chocolate/Black. Their pretty darn amazing!

THEY'RE pretty darn amazing, not their! Forgot to spell check in all my excitement over the boots!

The womens black with lizard overlay. Sooooo pretty!!
I am excited about this giveaway I have been dying for a pair of cowboy boots! :)

Aaaand followed them on twitter, any extra chance helps!!

Red please, yes, thank you! I have been craving a pair of red cowboy boots ever since an "incident" involving a dearly departed family member's storage unit. Said storage unit contained one (1) pair of red cowboy boots in MY SIZE, and I wanted them with all the want in my body. Until another family member swooped in and took them to keep in the "dress-up" box she has at her house, which... really?
Woe, despair, etc, etc.
So. Yes. The red ones.

Oh man, they are all soooo gorgeous! I think I would definitely go for the Eagle Stitched Distressed Crackle boots. We just moved to Nevada and they would go amazingly with my denim this summer!

Following on Twitter too! :)

I LOVE the Winged Peace Heart boots. (Well, all of them really).

Goat/Laser Overlay Chocolate-Sand/Turquoise. Love them all and those are very reasonable prices!

The Women's Turquoise Overlay Cowboy Boots would look SMASHING on me.

(I'm Texan. I fully intend on wearing boots to my wedding, whenever that will be. Preferably a deep purple pair.)

You should get the Eagles.

Black and chocolate with lizard overlay! What a fun contest!

And I just followed them on Twitter.

I followed Langston's on Twitter!

I'd for sure pick the Winged Peace Hearts boots--they are faaaaabulous!

And, I'm following on Twitter! Hooray!

The stitched boots in desert red, all the way. LOVE. I will now do a little dance to the almighty god of giveaways that I win. My shuffled offering will be inspired by line dancing, if that matters. (AND IT SHOULD.)

I would love these (or almost any style of Corral boots- they are all beautiful) Corral Women's Eagle Stitched Distressed Crackle Saddle Boots - Tan

I'm gonna go fancy and say the Women's Turquoise Overlay Cowboy Boots - Black/Cognac/Turquoise. I can see those with SO MANY of my clothes.

I'm not a woman who goes crazy for shoes, but I've always kept my eye out for a pair of boots to call my own. When I clicked on the Women's Goat/Laser Overlay Cowboy Boots - Chocolate-Sand/Turquoise my jaw dropped. Those are amazing!!!

Oh lordy, those are gorgeous! I covet the vintage chocolate/black with lizard overlay. Thanks for the chance to enter. Oh, and I also followed Langstons on Twitter. Thanks times two!

I'd get the Corral Women's Eagle Stitched Distressed Crackle Saddle Boots - Tan. They're beautiful!

Every woman should have a kick-ass RED pair of boots to wear to any and every event. I left my wedding reception in a pair of boring brown boots and wished I had had the DESERT RED ones! Hope I win some for my birthday that is coming up soon - I'll wear them to my birthday party. YAHOO!!!

The turquoise overlay black cowgirl boots would go perfect with my chunky turquoise jewelry, LOVE turquoise and black together!

The women's Volcan Goat Cross Cowboy boot in black are pretty amazing. Thanks for the great giveaway, Langston's!

Never thought I could drool over boots the way I just drooled over the Goat/Laser Overlay Cowboy Boots - Chocolate-Sand/Turquoise lovelies. Wow.

Black lizard inlay boots are so awesome I thought I'd swoon when I saw them!! I can picture them with my favorite jeans - no this little black dress that I have - no this distressed skirt - no.... Oh my!! I think I will even wear them with my jammies!! LOL

Oh goodness, the black lizard overlay boots? I want 'em!

I have wanted cowboy boots ever since Lori Singer pulled on her red ones over those skinny jeans in Footloose. Which is a long time to want something and not to do anything about it.

After spending WAY too much time on the Langston's site (and, also, following them on Twitter) I've settled on the Corral Turquoise Overlay Cowboy Boots. (And I totally have a US address. I knew it might come in handy!)

Oh man, tough choices...those are some purty boots. For me it's a toss up between the vintage lizard black and the butterflies...

I want the brown/turquoise style SO badly. Also: I really, really hope they run big...because they don't come in an 11.

I totally have a thing for cowboy boots and would totally wear the Corral Men's Black Lizard Inlay Cowboy Boots all the freakin' time - thank you so much for a chance to win.
And I wear a women's size 10 so the men's size 8 would fit me just fine.
Amazing looking boots, whoa, love them.

And I am now following @langstons on twitter - my handle is @monstergirlee.

I would so love to win these boots....

i love these boots and would love to win them!

i would get the eagle boots!!!

The boots are gorgeous! I would go for the Women's Goat/Laser Overlay Cowboy Boots Chocolate-Sand/Turquoise they are beyond beautiful and would look smashing with my favorite jeans/t-shirt combo!

I would get the butterfly inlay corral boots. The details is gorgeous!

My second choice would be the brown (chocolate sand?) turquoise inlay boots. And by "second choice" I mean "would have a serious quandary if I won, because choosing between the two seems HARD!"

But it's a dilemma I long to have.

Also, I followed Langston's on twitter! Whoo!

I like the Corral Women's Stitched Boots - Desert Red.

I like both the black lizard inlay and the chocolate python inlay, it is so hard to make my mind up.

the women's winged peace heart boots

Black lizard holy crap send them now. Love. I think this might be what is missing in my life.

I love these boots!

Corral Boots - Women's Goat/Laser Overlay Cowboy Boots - Chocolate-Sand/Turquoise

Oh, those lizard bone overlay dealies are to die for. The red are wonderful, too, but they remind me of Ted Mosby's red ones in HIMYM. It's possible I'd get a pair for my fiance instead. Hmmmmmmmm. Hooboy! Thanks, Leah!

I'm following Langston's on twitter now, too. Booooots! :)

OMG. (Most certainly a moment worth using that phrase!)
Beautiful. Stunning boots.
I think I'd go with the Women's Turquoise Overlay Cowboy Boots. I'd be hardpressed to wear them, though. I'd want to tuck them in at night, and read them bed time stories. http://www.langstons.com/corral-boots-womens-boots-a1954.html
The Women's Vintage Lizard Overlay Cowboy Boots are also in the running!!

(note, have a USA mailing address, although I am Canadian. Don't go hatin'! USA address-ee will be visiting me in September... if she doesn't steal the boots if I win them!)

I think I'd probably go with the winged peace-heart boots...amazing!

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