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August 2, 2010

Stay Healthy On the Go

This is sponsored content from BlogHer and Crystal Light.

Call me a troglodyte, but I don't really enjoy traveling all that much. It's partly the getting there and partly the being there, but mostly it's that even if a vacation is an excuse to escape an exhausting routine, I honestly almost prefer the routine because it's comfortable and I'm a big old 'fraidy cat when it comes to trying anything new. I'm a creature of habit, I like surrounding myself with the familiar, and I'm not good at improvising. I like going to the same restaurant and ordering the same dish. I like plans and I like sticking to them. I think status quo is the way to go (rah rah rah). Basically, for a good time out on the town, don't call me.

But don't get me wrong. I definitely appreciate having the chance to travel and see new things and meet new people (or return to favorite places to be near our favorite things and people), but when pressed, I'd have to admit to the dark corner of an empty room (or right here on the Internet for all to see) that sometimes my favorite part of travel is the having been there part. Ah, memories--there's nothing like traveling the world from the comfort of your favorite armchair. (I saw a New Yorker cartoon about this once; one thousand gold stars for the person who finds it for me.)

When I am traveling, though--or even when I'm just away from home in general--I do my best to have a good time and keep my anxiety under control, and one of the ways I do that is with food. Food is my security blanket, and for me that always means packing an arsenal of snacks. The happy side effect of this is that because I prefer wholesome munchies over junk, it's generally easier for me to stay healthy when I'm on the road (or in the air or on the tracks) because if I'm turning to the whole grain granola bars, nuts, fruit, and water I've brought with me, I'm less likely to succumb to the delirium of low blood sugar and, say, accost a New York hot dog vendor or propose marriage to the guy selling giant soft pretzels. (I'm also, however, more likely to guiltlessly order dessert--as a reward for having eaten healthy foods all day, of course--but hey, I'm on vacation! If you can't have dessert on vacation, you might as well just stay home, right?)

For me, a good travel snack is four things: healthy; available in a single-serving to-go package; able to be tossed in a suitcase, backpack, or purse without making a mess; and of course loaded with tasty goodness. How convenient for this blog post that Crystal Light has a variety of beverage options that fit the bill!

Perhaps you've heard I'm flying cross-country this week to attend a certain blogging conference? If you're going too, here are a couple of tips from me to you:

Tip #1: If you, like me, hate buying overpriced beverages at the airport--a hard thing to get around considering they don't let drinks past security--pack your carryon with an empty water bottle and some Crystal Light OnTheGo packets in your favorite flavors. As soon as you're through security, fill up the bottle at a drinking fountain, shake in some Crystal Light, and you're on your way (with more money in your pockets and less junk in your system).

(They also don't let you take outside drinks into ballgames or movie theaters, but the water bottle trick works great in those situations too.)

Tip #2: If you're at BlogHer this weekend and feeling peckish or dehydrated between conference sessions, remember: I'm the girl with the snacks. Come find me and we'll share.


Want to win $100? Tell me in the comments what you do to stay healthy while on vacation, and then be sure to check out the BlogHer round-up page for six more chances to win $100 or, even better, the $1,000 grand prize.

Official contest rules are here.

More information on Crystal Light products is here.


I watch portion size and add some extra swimming and/or walking to make up for vacation splurges.

Before leaving on vacation, i tend to hit gym more regularly since I know I will be less worried for packing pounds.
At vacation, i will skip on fries and soda's. In addition, I would rather walk around than take the car. This ensures there is a balance.

Lots of water. Walk a little extra and watch portion sizes.

I go for walks in the evenings and keep a food journal, even on vacation.

I try to eat a large well balanced breakfast, even if it means going out - eggs for protein and some carbs (fruit). By eating a good breakfast, I can avoid the high calorie high fat vacation snacks that are around during the day because I am simply not hungry.

Bring along snacks in those little tiny ziplock bags.

Going on vacation can be exhausting, but as a family, we try to eat a good, healthy breakfast every morning before we start our day, a light lunch no later than 1pm, and a healthy dinner by 6pm, that way we have energy for our day of fun together and don't feel stuffed when our heads hit the pillow. We also try to make healthy choices with every meal. That can be difficult when we have to eat out every meal, but we have discovered that restaurants are becoming more health conscious and offer more healthy choices - fruits and vegetables, and leafy greens. This is how we try to eat healthy, stay well, and enjoy our vacation together as a family!!

Raisin Toast

I love to do something active when I vacation! Also, trying the local foods where I am, and substituting healthy things for foods I've tried before. (Although now that I'm expecting I splurge at home occasionally too)

I always try to get a hotel room with a mini fridge. You can make alot of good food without cooking, right in your room and if you do go out you can bring home leftovers and stash them there for another meal.
If I'm driving I bring a cooler full of drinks and healthy snacks to help resist the temptation of road food.
I've never tried those little Crystal Light packets, but they sound good!

Since road stress is common with a lot of people, if you're traveling by road, and also toxins from highway travel are at an extreme, due to car exhaust, tires, fumes, fuel, etc...I try to remember to drink more water and to get some kind of exercise. It's difficult to exercise while vacationing, because stress can often lead to fatigue. However, hotel rooms often have a free exercise channel that you can do stretch-like, easy yoga or pilates exercises while in the privacy and comfort of your own room.

Also, most hotels have gyms but I prefer my room.

We just stayed at a hotel that had both hot and cold sauna rooms....that's a great way to detox while vacationing.

We like to do as much of our own cooking as possible.
This keeps us in check with eating healthy.
I love water...and want to try the flavor packs! Yum!

Walk, walk, walk everywhere. It can take care of a multitude of vacation sins.

My hubby is a Trucker. Two things we do to keep him healthy are buy lots of Crystal Light at Wally World and bring a microwave and eat low calorie frozen meals. So far, he's lost 40 pounds. Now. if only I could loose weight!

LivingOutLoud3 at gmail dot com

we bring bottles of frozen water with us, as well as chilled veggies with a low fat dip.
mommy2skie at yahoo dot com

While on vacation I make sure I always have a water bottle. I get a refrigerator in the hotel room and put fruit and salads in it.


I try to get lots of sleep. It's very easy for me to put sleep to the very back of my mind and try to cram in as much fun play time or staying up late talking with friends time... but everything goes better and I enjoy more when I'm relatively well rested. Works for the kids. Works for me. =)

Most of my vacations are less "relaxing, lounging, soaking up the sun," and more "up early, walking everywhere, so much to see, so many pictures to take," so I typically end up losing weight on vacations because I'm just moving more. (Boo! desk jobs.) I'm also eating less, typically, because again: so much to see!

That said, I also love having access to lap pools and debatably fun exercise equipment that I'm really only inclined to use when it doesn't involve me signing up for a gym membership.

My rule of thumb is that every time I eat on vacation (or at home) I have to always have a protein & a fruit or vegetable. I eat those before anything else on my plate, and then if I have room still I'll eat the carbs.
This works surprisingly well, and also keeps you full longer!

Since Mommy (me) is a diabetic, my kids are used to 'healthy' snacks... nuts, cheese, celery. We usually take a little ice chest wherever we go and pull from it all day. And they LOVE adding their own flavor packs to water bottles and shaking it up. We never leave home without them.

Water, water and more water and once in a while a splash of lemon juice in my water or a flavor packet. Can never get enough water. Eating healthy, and staying away from junk food...candy, chocolate, and other empty calories in my choice.

I look up on the internet where the nearest real grocery store (not 7-11) is to where I'll be staying. That way I can shop there as soon as I arrive and get real food especially fruit. This usually saves me money and allows me to pick good foods. Thanks for the contest.

Our vacations are usually trips to visit family for extended weekends (we live on the edge, my friend). We try to cook as many meals at the house as we can and go out for special occasions or foods we can't get at home. And now that I'm a mom, we don't go anywhere without healthy snacks. I'm the walking snack machine. Want some fruit? Your wish is granted.

I always carry granola in my purse and a bottle to fill with water.I always choose a salad or a baked potato at fast food places.

I pre-pack my own snacks and bring water bottle along.

I don't even try with the food angle so I move as much as possible. Even if it's wandering in circles around the beach house while waiting for the brownies to bake (hey, it's family, they already know I'm crazy, right?) I figure any sort of counter balance helps.

I also take snacks with me on the plane, usually granola bars (TLC Honey Almond Flax from Kashi), and almonds. Sometimes whole grain goldfish crackers (whole grain, that's healthy, right?).

Just remembering to drink water is an achievement for me!

I stay healthy on vacation in one of two ways: either I don't go on vacation at all (I am not into travel), or when I DO go somewhere, I have usually spent so much GETTING there that stuffing my face with badness is beyond the capabilities of my wallet.

I also drink Crystal Light all the time, though I haven't ever thought to sneak it anywhere. I keep it around because water makes me gag (seriously).

Outdoor exercise (swimming, hiking) and stay well hydrated.

vacation typically means being really active, snorkeling, explore a city, and what not so I get a lot of exercise.

I do the some of the same things as you do, I always bring an empty water bottle with me to the airport and other places that don't allow outside beverages. I love my nalgene. I also try and pack snacks. I do my best to stay active, usually lots of walking is involved in my travels. I don't stress about what I'm going to eat, I pick the healthiest option and do my best to only eat until full. Never easy, but important to me particularly when traveling.

I don't really do any other than try to stick with portion control. I'm on vacation! I don't want to worry about keeping fit!

I wear good shoes and walk everywhere. It makes up for the extra calories and justifies my shoe expense.

I love money!

And I love water. I got myself one of those refillable bottles a few months ago and it has certainly helped me to increase my consumption. It would be great for vacations!

I stop at the grocery store as soon as I get into town and pick up some healthy food. I always get a room with at least a mini fridge and microwave. It helps my budget and waistline to cook a little in the room. :)

I actually kind of let it all go while on vacation == probably not alone. Well, maybe not totally true. I eat at Subway for more meals than I like to admit, watch calories, but I'll have more desserts than usual, more vino, etc. I guess there's more touristy walking, too. Must be a B for Balance thing.

I always try to stay somewhere with a pool or gym and use the pool to stay in shape and try to work out in the gym if available and depending on type of hotel I take the stairs
tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

We have a time share condo, so I cook a bunch of healthy food for lunches and bring a lot of fruit. So that means we're eating our usual healthy breakfast and lunch, and then everyone can choose what they want for dinner. We go for lots of walks, play shuffleboard, swim, and in general stay active on vacations.

I bring snacks and make sure to walk rather than drive whenever I can.

I bring healthy snacks and try to drink lots of water. Plus we walk around a lot on vacation!

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