26 Feb
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And the Rain Rain Rain Came Down Down Down

Even though there are a lot of terrible things going on in the world today and I encounter a moderate amount of stress in my own everyday life, I try not to lose sleep over anything. Ever. If I were inclined to donate some shut-eye to a worthy cause, however, I might choose poverty in Africa, violence in Oakland, political crises in Washington, baptisms for the dead in Utah. But I would definitely not choose the weather outside my very own walls.

Late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning, we got slammed by a monster storm that blew in over the Pacific with all the force of a monster truck (with its grill painted like the foaming fangs of a rabid werewolf). All night long we huddled awake in bed, listening to the wind whistle a demented version of the Andy Griffith Show theme song over and over and over. (I could make a lot of money if I bottled that sound and sold it to the officials at Guantanamo.) Just over our heads, the huge window that is original to the 1920s house seizured in its pane and bowed like a fisheye lens. I had visions of a broken branch sailing through the air like a wooden heat-guided missile, piercing the glass, and lodging itself firmly in the top of my head. Our scaredy cat burrowed under the covers, settled onto my stomach, and white-knuckled her claws into my side.

When daylight finally broke, turning the sky from inky black to muddy gray, we watched the rain swirl in sheets, like dust in the wake of a pickup truck. We watched the eight-story trees across the street sway from side to side to side. The smaller trees bent to kiss the saturated ground.

The irony of taking a shower that morning was not lost on me.

During the last storm, the phrase “Only plastic pants can save us” was uttered in our home more often than in the seniors’ center down the block. So this time we got smart and before we ventured out, we suited up in full ski gear, plastic pants and all.

Here he is, my knight in Goretex armor (click to embiggen):

Three stretches of the mighty Missus Sip:

A waterpark?

After detouring one block because we couldn’t cross the street at all, this was the sidewalk deemed the least worst route. Yes, that’s right; that’s the sidewalk:

But it isn’t all for naught. These thirsty swans tipped back their heads and let the rain run down their gullets like wine:

And these lovely ladies, arm in arm, bedecked their throats with diamonds to celebrate the coming of spring to the Bay Area (click the image to get the full effect):

26 Feb
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I Feel Like I’ve Left the House with Makeup on Only Half My Face

Phooey. The new design looks all whacked-out on my computer at work, both in Netscape and IE. Phooey, phooey, double phooey. If you can’t see the whole banner or if the sidebar is disappearing into the right border, bear with me; I should have it fixed by tomorrow at the latest.

And this, my friends, is why we should always be afraid to try anything new.

25 Feb
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A Fresh New Look

So whaddya think? (Say something nice, because I just love it!) I still have to tweak a few things here and there, but you get the idea.