13 Feb
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Not Bad for Friday the 13th

Look what I found when I came home from work today:





12 Feb
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Winter Weekends

Ever since Ethan started graduate school in the fall of 2001, we have been dreading this semester with more energy than you could squeeze out of a thousand PowerBars and a six pack of Red Bull. Spring 2004 was labeled the semester of doom, the semester we would batten down the hatches and hoist the rigging and learn to get comfortable living on the poop deck with nary a pi

11 Feb
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Abe Lincoln

For all of you who enjoy Leah’s writing, I apologize for this interlude, but I felt I should make an appearance at least once every few months to verify that there is a boy in agirlandaboy.com. Anyway, as I only speak two languages–history and politics (and sometimes love)–I thought I would put a political query up. Since politics may get more responses than a comment about Reconstruction in the South or the decline of indentured servants in colonial America, I’ll stick to the realm of character bashing and ego building.

Democrats are currently on the road to nominating John Kerry for President. Although there are a number of key issues at stake such as the war, the economy, and prescription drugs, it seems that most Democrats are obsessed with the electability of the candidates. Howard Dean was declared unelectable because he could yee-haw but couldn’t wear a cowboy hat. Dick Gephart and Joe Lieberman were too pro-war. John Kerry, however, seems to really strike a chord with America, even though he comes from the same elite stock as George Bush and probably benefitted from Bush’s tax cuts. So, my main query is why is Kerry so electable? After much rumination, I think I’ve figured it out. He’s Abe Lincoln’s doppelganger (I’m obviously using a liberal interpretation of this word). He’s tall, his narrow face looks like its sliding off his skull, he seems radical, but isn’t, and he has to unite a country that is horribly divided. Oh, and he’s also faced with trying to win a national election without winning the South. His most viable oponent, however, suffers from, I guess, being southern, or maybe being too short, or sporting a much-too-youthful look at age 50. After all, he seems virutally identical to Kerry on the issues. The lesson is, then, that history does matter because Kerry would have no chance of defeating the eloquent Edwards if we all didn’t recognize him in some way as somebody who looks like a President. I only hope that if Kerry is Lincoln, then Bush is Stephen A. Douglas.