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30 Nov

Black Christmas (Sponsored)

Black Friday gets its name for what color business ledgers turn with all the extra income accumulating from holiday shoppers, and in that same vein, we’re hoping to have a black Christmas here at home, which for us means keeping er…getting our finances under control and out of the red. Historically, Simon and I have always been pretty willy-nilly with budgeting (read: we’ve never actually used a budget), but this is the year we finally buckled down and have attempted to establish (and stick to) a plan we hope will not only help us feel more financially secure on a day-to-day basis but also allow us to shore up for future expenses, from fun stuff like vacations and home improvement projects to looming things like college tuition for two kids (aiiieee!). Read more >>

White Rabbit

I’m late. I’m late. For a very important date with, uh, posting my second candy craft to remind you that today is your last day to enter to win a haul of Easter candy from Hershey’s.

Here’s the other thing I made, and although it’s not quite as easy as snapping pretzels in half, it will still only take you a few minutes, and everyone knows food tastes better when it looks cute.


Click through for the easy DIY, and don’t forget to enter to win the giveaway. As of right now, your chances are really, really good. (Y U NO LIKE CHOKLIT, INTERWEBS?)

Dandified Candy

I’ll admit there’s an element of lily-gilding* in the act of crafting with candy. I mean, it’s CANDY. You don’t really have to dress it up the way you might, say, feel compelled to turn a bell pepper into an octopus. Or a carrot into Van Gogh’s Starry Night. With candy, you can just dump it in a bowl or Easter basket (or tear open the bag and shake directly into your mouth), and you’ve done your duty. Candy’s nice like that. Candy wants you to be happy.

That said, crafting with candy can be awfully fun, and it doesn’t have to be hard or take up all your time. (And you can eat candy while you’re doing it.) The project I’ll share next week takes mere minutes, and the one below can be done in about thirty seconds (or even less if you employ a small army of small children).


Both are cute. Both are delicious. Both are worth the click-through to sponsored content, and so is the giveaway of Easter candy at the end of the post. Yes. Do it for the free candy.

*Remember that time I gilded an actual lily, like with school glue and gold glitter? That was fun.