14 Feb

Love Thyself

On this Valentine’s Day, Fox reminds us that, above all else, we should love the one we’re with the most (syntactic ambiguity intentional).

Have a good one, everybody! Much love from me, my family, and my ratty hair to you and yours. (Your family, not your ratty hair.) (Which is not ratty.)






  • OMG, that card! That is totally something my husband would do. Hilarious. Happy Valentine’s Day and much love to your and your fun family!

  • Fox is the most adorable of all adorable babies. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours!

  • Oh goodness, I love babies trying to kiss themselves in the mirror. Elise does the same thing and also tries to nom on other babies in real life.

    And the card from Simon is awesome.

  • Well, you have to love yourself before you can love someone else. Fox has got the first part of that down.

    That is the best video. Love it.

  • Look at those cheeks! I cannot get over how pinch-able they are! He is a totally adorable with those chubby cheeks and noming on the mirror. This kind of cuteness makes my ovaries hurt.

    Also, your hubby is the best for that Valentine’s Card! I think every woman wants their husbands to think that after having two kids, so yeah, you’re rockin it!

  • You cut strawberries into hearts?! Best MOM ever! And also that card! And also that last photo! All awesome!

  • LMBO at the card!! I love it!

  • Now THAT is a Valentine card!

Have at it!

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