11 Dec

There Is Nothing So Unpleasant


There is nothing so unpleasant as the laughter of a child.

Except maybe the laughter of two children.

People often ask how it’s going, having two kids. From now on, this video will be Exhibit A.


FYI, the winner of the $50 Tiny Prints gift card is #15, Heather (woo!), and the winner of the $100 from BlogHer and Olay will be chosen when the contest ends this Thursday at midnight.

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  • Oh man. I love this. LOVE.

    I have a video on my phone of Hayley making Damien giggle and I watch it daily. It is my favorite thing. Damn, watching your own kids enjoy the crap out of each other is just the best, isn’t it?


  • This utterly mesmerized my 9 month old baby. Then she started to laugh along,

  • Our Elf is from my husbands DADs childhood. Over 60 years old. I had not heard of it either until marrying into this family….but the Elf on a Shelf was a tradition in SOMEONES house….just not any of ours.

  • I shall bookmark this and return to it again and again when I feel the need to see my heart explode all over everything. Amazing.

  • This is a clip that cannot be beat. Thanks for helping me smile tonight!

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