5 Dec

Unrelated Bullet Points

A wee bit o’ housekeeping:

  • I’m still responding to comments from last week’s post (so what if it was PMS?), so check back later today if you’re interested. (One reply you might find interesting is about why I still–nine years later–use aliases on the blog.)
  • People who actually know how to use feed readers have told me, a person who does not, that I have more than twice as many people subscribed to my old, broken feed as I do to my new, working one. If you’re one of those people, unsubscribe to the old one and then hop onto the new at htpp://www.agirlandaboy.com/journal/feed.
  • My Work It, Mom craft column is here. The focus is on quick and easy projects you can do when you’re frankly too busy to be crafting (HELLO), so even if you’re not a mom, you might find something fun. Today’s post is about super easy felt trees:
  • Untitled

Last week’s post is about DIY snow globes, featuring the infamous animated gif:

  • The much-anticipated Style Lush Gift Guide is up and running and, as usual, it has a lot of great ideas–100 of them, actually, and all for under $35. In the past, I’ve gone back and referred to these posts for gift-giving throughout the year. Bonus: One of my favorite parts of the guide is the giveaway that goes with it; leave a comment on this post for a chance to win the item of your choice from the gift guide! That’s pretty freakin’ awesome. (There’s one for Food Lush too.)
  • I finished up a long series with CafeMom last week and I think there’s some good info there about dealing with/entertaining/teaching kids Wombat’s age. The categories are Preparing for Preschool, Getting More Out of Playtime, and Encouraging Creativity. I wrote from the boy-mom perspective, and my counterpart wrote about parenting two daughters, but all the posts are pretty gender neutral.
  • You have two more days to enter to win $50 here and about another week to win $100 here. Let me give you money!

That’s all for now. There’s a pile of laundry with Fox’s name on it, but guess who’s going to end up doing it for him again? BABIES, MAN.

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  • I think I told someone to tell you on twitter that I added it correctly to my feed (you don’t follow me and I’m protected). But it came up in my feed today!

    • Hooray! And I think I found you on Twitter too. :)

  • Hello! I just went back and read that post you reference above, and wanted to say:

    1) I am one of those people who uses a reader and was sad when I thought you’d had a baby and were no longer posting as much (at all from my perspective!) only to discover that I’d missed months of posts because my feed wasn’t working. And even now that I’ve updated my reader it’s still not working. Anyway, several months ago I realized that I need to click to your site so I can get some Leah-y goodness on the regular.

    2) About your hair – I have very different hair from yours (dark brown, curly, dry, frizzy, not my best feature at all, but certainly one of my most commented on. The other being my ginormous booty.) ANYWHO, I was always one of those who scoffed at the whole no ‘poo movement thinking it could never work for hair like mine. Then 7 months ago, sick of having to buy expensive crap to make my hair look halfway decent I decided to try it, and honestly it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. (Which is pretty sad, I know.) But, seriously, you should try it if you’re not feeling your hair lately. I think it does wonders for all hair types. Two tablespoons baking soda in a cup of water to clean. Two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water for condition, detangle and shine. (I mix up batches in large water bottles – makes enough for 3-4 washes.) Try it! (God, I sound like some hippie fanatic, yes? Apologies.)

    3) About two days ago I pulled out a purse I hadn’t used in months and cleaned the lingering bits of paper and fluff out of it. I was about to throw away one of the bits of paper when I looked at it and saw the address you’d provided so people could send stuff to help decorate your wedding. I got all nostalgic and sentimental and didn’t want to throw the piece of paper away. Anyway, that’s not entirely related to the above, but I just wanted to let you know. It was a tender moment for me. (Now do I sound like a crazy stalker hippie fanatic?)

    Aaaandd…POST (ridiculously long comment)

  • I swear I commented on the Working Mom post on the felt trees but it’s not there :-\ I made one! However I made the mistake of using a high temp glue gun and a styrofoam tree form. So there are a couple of melty spots but the tree looks FAB otherwise! Then I did three more of different sizes, one with garland, big gold ric rac ribbon and one with silver sequined ribbon. Thanks for the idea!

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