23 May

Locked and Loaded

New site! NEW SITE! Well, same old site but dragged kicking and screaming into the twenty-first century of functional platforms with fancy things like, oh, WORKING COMMENTS. Still a few tweaks to twack, but overall I’m back in the land o’ the living, free at last, free at last, I believe I can flyyyyy, etc. It feels good.

I have much to say and not very much time to say it (Simon starts a new job(!) in nine days and I’m having a baby in about fifty(!!!)), but because it’s National Swimsuit Confidence Week, I thought I’d take this opportunity to post a photo of my third-trimester self in a swimsuit not only to join the ranks but also as incentive to post again tomorrow and thus move the pasty legs on down the page. (Here’s a photo with Simon, for scale, and also so you understand how ridiculous it was that he thought he could carry me to the bathroom the other night, when my sciatic nerve was so pinched I literally could not walk. He only has about twenty pounds on me at this point, and aside from being heavy, I’m also unwieldy, love handles and all.)


Happy Functional Blog Week to me!

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  • Hurray! You are so pretty, and your blog is pretty, too. xo

  • oh i think you look just fabulous! (and your new internet-house too)

  • Holy smokes, you look AWESOME.

  • Thanks, you guys! Welcome, welcome!

  • Yay! The site looks great! And you look fab! Congrats to all, esp. on the new job for S (!!).

  • You, and your site, look awesome! I love the colors and look.

    That being said…I noticed your tweet, which led me to look for your post in my reader…and it’s not there. Maybe it’s just delayed and I’ve been too quick to expect it? Or maybe I need to resubscribe or whatever the correct terminology is?

    • Thank you, Stephanie!

      And thanks for the heads-up about the reader situation. I’m guessing this post is missing from the reader because I posted it on Tuesday and then the site didn’t actually go live on the new server until late Wednesday, so it probably got skipped in that gap. I know zero about how RSS feeds work, but I do know there’s an “Entries RSS” link at the bottom of the sidebar, so maybe that will solve the problem?

  • Could you be any more adorable???? Super-cute swimsuit, too!

    • Thank you! Target! (Non-maternity, even. It’s juuuuust stretchy enough!)

  • My darling, please please tell me where the heck did you bought that super amazing swimsuit. Since I’m with child too and my hubby and I plan to go this summer to Croatia, I want to make a good impression.

    Thank you in advance,

    • Target! Non-maternity section (because I want to be able to wear it after the baby’s here too)!

  • You AND the new layout/design look AH-MAZING! Love it!!

    • Thanks, you!

  • Yay! You look fabulous, the blog looks fabulous, sorry I somehow missed it till now and am behind the times.

  • Cute swimsuit and what a lovely belly you have. I also had to re-subscribe as nothing was showing up in Google Reader after mid-May and I was wondering what happened to you. All squared away now. :)

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