12 Nov

There’s No Time Like Never

I am a procrastinator. I procrastinate getting out of bed in the morning. I procrastinate lunch. I procrastinate going home from work at night. I guess I’m just so satisfied with the status quo, I hesitate to disrupt it by moving on to something different, something new. Something as easy as going from my warm bed to my warm shower. I know, it’s stupid.

Remember those boots I was coveting last February and when I finally got around to ordering them they had been discontinued? Well, a few weeks ago they started turning up again in all three of the Victoria’s Secret catalogs I get every freaking day (seriously, enough with the catalogs, people). They are the same buttery and supple boots I grew to love so passionately from afar, only now they are new! and improved! and miraculously less expensive!

Here’s the sad thing. Every time in the past few weeks that I’ve gotten a new VS catalog, I’d find the boots, drool on them a little, and then dog-ear the page, fully intending to order the boots “soon.” Of course that hasn’t happened yet, and the last three catalogs I got yesterday were conspicuously sans boots. I could just scream. Very loudly. And into my own face.

And then today I was really serious about finally getting over to the girly boutique that recently opened up across the street from work and that I spend at least an hour a day staring at, putting together put-together outfits from what I can see on the racks by the windows. But today, the day I was finally going to pop in for something that draped on my body “just so,” it is closed. Grrr.

I’d be utterly amazed at my capacity for laziness if being utterly amazed didn’t require so much energy. I fear I shall never learn.

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  • or you could take it as an omen… you know, if you were really meant to have them, you would. At least that is how I explain away my own powers of procrastination.

  • vs sells shoes?… shows you how much i know.

  • Look on the bright side: you are saving money and avoiding the trappings of consumerism. =)