3 Feb


Is everyone else as sick of looking at those sparkly red shoes as I am? I’ve been itching for a redesign of the site for months now (especially since I got my new Photoshop book!), but there are always so many other things to do (like get my four-month-old engagement ring sized and cut my four-foot-long golden tresses that haven’t seen scissors for about a year). I am really annoyed at myself when I let little tasks pile on top of each other so high that I feel like taking one thing out of the stack will cause the whole heap to tumble down on top of me. I don’t know what I’m so worried about; I’m really good at Jenga. But still I leave the pile untouched and try to maintain that delicate balance, all the while doing nothing to remedy it’s worsening gigantism. But here’s the thing. I love doing nothing. It’s like sleeping, only you get to be conscious while you’re doing it (or not doing it, I guess), and so you can enjoy it that much more.

But in truth I haven’t exactly been doing nothing lately. For I have found the world’s best procrastination hobby: knitting.

In the last few months since I got serious about the craft, I’ve practiced enough that I’m finally at the point that I don’t need to concentrate with all my might to complete a simple stockinette stitch. And once I get into a good knit knit, purl purl rib-stitch rhythm, I don’t even have to count, but just let my fingers do what they feel is right to do. The reasons knitting is so perfect for a lazy girl like me are these: I can do it sitting on the couch, I can do it while watching tv, I can do it on a train, I can do it in the rain. Just before I got sick, I ordered Stitch n’ Bitch (easily the most trendy item I own, and every bit as good as those pair of Girbaud jean shorts I got when I was 13 and wore until my hips became womanly). It just so happened the book was delivered during the week I was home sick from work and on the very day I magically regained both my attention span and my upper-level motor skills. I’m so in love with this book. I saw it in a store a while ago, but it wasn’t until I ended up on my new favorite site, Craftster, and witnessed the frenzy surrounding the book, that I knew it must be mine. I seriously pick up this book and look at the pictures twice a day. I don’t even look at myself in the mirror twice a day. A mere twenty-four hours after I got the book, I had learned how to change yarn (so I can make stripes!), knit ribs, increase, and decrease. First, let me show you what I did without out The Book.

Here’s the first scarf I completed. Everything except the fringe was done while I was home over Christmas vacation. This fuzzy-squishy purple and pink and red yarn is the best (please forgive the picture quality; Mr. La Chapelle was borrowing my photo studio):

Here is the second scarf I completed. I even thought up the design myself. It looks nice with my tan cord jacket:

Here’s the first scarf I ever started. It still isn’t finished because I made it super-wide and super-long, and I’m using size 6 needles, which make the stitches so small they look machine-done (except for the holes!), so it’s taking FOR. EV. ER. Someday, perhaps…

Now for The Book-inspired projects.

On Day 1 I made this kerchief:

It doubles as a lovely kitten cape for kittens who can’t ever sit still to have their portrait taken:

On Day 2 I made this hat (it will be featured prominently in an upcoming album of weekend adventures):

And last night I finished this matching scarf (I’m still debating whether it needs fringe or not):

It’s totally addictive. Making a cool accessory with just your own two hands, some sticks, and a piece of string is quite amazing in and of itself, but I think the part that’s really got me hooked is the way the repetition and counting and orderliness of it all hypnotizes me into an OCD trance not unlike what happens to me when I play Tetris or Minesweeper. Stuff like that is crack to my brain. I actually knit in my dreams.

After I made my green hat, Ethan started to get jealous. He was all pouty because I wouldn’t let him wear my hat because his head is HUGE and my head–and hence my hat–is small. I’ve been asking him what color he wants me to make his hat, but after a week of ruminating on this decision of monumental importance, he has decided to go with all black. Ok. Fine. But here’s the kicker. I keep talking about how easy it is and I keep turning out these faboo products (if I do say so myself), so now he wants to learn to knit his own hat! How great is that?! We’re off to the craft store tomorrow to get him some manly yarn and some viril bamboo needles. This is even more fun than when I used to make my little brother wear my ballet tutus and pink tights. Perhaps because this time I have a willing participant.

This morning he said he was acutally looking forward to our spinster night of knitting and lamenting the beauty and glamour of our lost youth while watching The Bachelorette. Who needs girlfriends when you’ve got a beau like mine, eh?

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  • Knitting!

    It is my absolute favourite thing to do!

    I am an old hand at it though, even had knitwear design as my major in fashion school. But I still do hand knit all the time when watching tv.

    Bamboo needles are the best ones, I hate the regular ones. And it is so cool Ethan wants to learn to knit too! I can almost picture you having that girl’s night in together :)

  • I love your kitty cape. So cute!

    I can so relate to your post. I can’t knit, but I’m working on a quilt (I’m two years into it and about 1/5th complete) and I love it for all the reasons that you mention. Love the repetition, love the order, love to make something with my own two hands. It’s so cool that you’re going to get Ethan hooked.

  • That’s great! Be sure to post a photo of his work in progress.

  • So jealous! I haven’t even finished my first real project, the first scarf (knit only) in the book with the chunky yarn. I just got the hang of changing colors well last night but it’s taking me a while. I dub you the knitting queen!!