2 Feb

The Breakfast Club

This morning I went on a date. Said date was necessitated by circumstances that involved no milk, no cereal, no oatmeal, no juice, only one banana, and a huge PMS-fueled blowup on Wednesday night that had me convinced the entire trajectory of my life had just done a 180. (Luckily, I was wrong: it was a 360 after all.) So last night I asked Ethan out on a date for this morning to our local overpriced caf

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  • You are the best writer EVER.

  • That was my favorite comment EVER!

  • Breakfast date sounds wonderful! (minus the weather of course). But the carpet thing: I am shocked!

    Anyway, I would second to the first comment!

  • My brother once caught me with blue nail polish and thought I had some sort of diabetes.

  • sounds like one of *those* days! remember, according to the spunky readhead, “the sun will come out tomorrow”. (and, amen on the lord of the rings bit. i just am not on that bandwagon)

  • Wanna know how much I hate fresh squeezed OJ? I run it through my spaghetti strainer to get the groody pulp out. Yay for breakfast dates….pretty cool that you managed one before work.