8 Jan

Happenings: A Collection of Snapshots

–A few days before New Year’s, I found a sealed envelope labeled “To Leah, to be opened Jan. 2004.” Inside was a letter I wrote to myself when I was 15. The most interesting part was the one sentence in which I pondered a conflict that was deeply troubling my fragile pubescent psyche. Which was better: Forrest Gump or Newsies. (Duh. The latter is clearly far superior. Glad I cleared that up.)

–We spent $336.47 on a new alternator for Ethan’s car after it died five times–at five different locations–in one night about a month ago. (I’ll spare you that very funny but very long story, which involves our going out at midnight to parallel park the car using only our own brute strength.)

–The guy who towed the car to the shop once towed Sean Penn’s El Camino. Ethan knows this because the two truck guy carries a picture commemorating the event on his person at all times. He also carries a picture of himself and our new mechanic, Art, on a cruise ship posing with a showgirl.

–In a well-intentioned effort to combat the stench of the office garbages, our resident ninja emptied an entire can of Lysol disinfectant spray into the hallway and nearly gassed me and my coworkers into springtime-fresh unconsciousness.

–I came to terms with the fact that I have fierce, inexplicable, and, frankly, rather frightening crushes on John Flansburgh and Bruce Campbell.

–While eating at the House of Nanking (where else?), we crossed paths with a funeral procession winding its way through Chinatown that included six black limos and a fully uniformed ten-piece brass band bleating Sousa tunes. Here is a really cool picture taken in Chinatown. Here are good, mediocre, and bad pictures taken in Chinatown.

–I ate my first cannoli. (I lived in Utah suburbs until I was 22, okay?)

–I shocked even myself when I clapped and squealed a little upon hearing that the second season of America’s Next Top Model is mere days away.

–Ethan went from this to this to this to this in one day. Strange but true.

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  • I LOVE House of Nanking!!! John and I just ate there last Sunday. And I’m a big fan of Ethan’s last look. 8)

  • I wish I had written a letter to myself when I was 15….that would be really cool to read now (Although when I read my old journals from when I was a teenager I just cringe with embarassment about what a pathetic, melodramatic dork I was). In my senior English class in high school we wrote a letter to ourselves that our teacher then mailed to us after a year. That was cool, but not quite enough time had passed for it to be really interesting,

  • I have a bit of a crush on John Flansburgh as well. Who wouldn’t love his witty, quirky mind?


  • i, too, am very excited about america’s next top model. did you know that the model who came in 3rd last season–the med. student who claimed she didn’t want to be a model–is dating the lead singer of the shins? weird.

    i like ethan best in the last pic. he’s a cutie.

  • It would have been a more amazing feat had Ethan grown the beard in one day. :-)