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April 2, 2012


Trying something new! That there's an ad unit embedded in an unrelated post. (Although I do love me some Donettes on a road trip, yessiree.)

Also, comments are STILL BROKEN SMASHY SMASHY, but if you feel compelled to comment, maybe try Facebook?


I'm not sure I'd call it nesting. Nesters, I think, feel an incontrovertible urge to clean things Hyperbole-and-a-Half-style because some primal cavewoman instinct has convinced them that only savages would allow a new baby to live in a home whose packed-earth floor hasn't been deep cleaned in months. I, on the other hand, am just organizingcleaningsanitizing ALL THE THINGS;trade& because (a) the things need it and (b) I know from experience that it sure as hell ain't gonna happen once the baby's here, even if I chanced to find in some neglected corner of our humble abode a sturdy tree limb from which to hang Mompth's papooseboard so I could vacuum cobwebs from the ceiling fan. As mothers have been doing for millennia.

My birthday is in a month, and if anyone asks what I want, I have two requests:

1. a steam mop
2. opera-length gloves (matte black)

Because I am nothing if not magnanimous, rather than hog the spoils, I've vowed to share my gifts with my beloved spouse: He can wield the steam mop while I supervise at the other end of my new matte black opera-length gloves.

I'm pregnant and exhausted and the nerves in my back are constantly pinched, and Simon...well, Simon's tenure as whipping boy at the company he worked at for almost two years ended two Fridays ago, and although I'm completely sensitive to what this means for both our family's finances and its morale, I've probably made a few mistakes in how I've handled certain things.

Mistake 1: Not twenty-four hours after the job dramz went down, I insisted we blow $50 on giant plastic bins to facilitate my non-nesting frenzy of wild-eyed organization because IT'S FOR THE BAYBEEEEEE.

Mistake 2: Do you...I...Um...Is it perhaps a bit emasculating to refer to my newly unemployed husband as "my house gnome"? To my coworkers? In front of our son? I think maybe that was a bad idea.

Nevertheless, the house has never looked so great! Well done, Dobby!

clean house no net.jpg


(That perfectly describes the usual state of things.)

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