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March 21, 2012


Okay, now I'm just being cheeky.


1. Late Show sweatshirt circa 1996, when David Letterman was my #1 high school crush. (Not pictured: Pink-rimmed hole in sleeve where bleach ate clean through.) See it in action here.

2. Pajama pants that are older than your middle-schooler. Notice how they both sag and taper!

3. Crazy-ass knee socks.

4. Red fuzzy slippers, slightly dreadlocked, harboring enough crumbs to assemble a single-serving pie crust.

5. Sally Hansen clear nail growth formula. Once a biter, always a biter, I'm afraid.

6. Frequently accessorized against my will with an off-season Trader Joe's sticker.

7. Hair elastics in assorted non-coordinating colors, worn around a high ponytail and around one wrist as a just-in-caselet.

8. Remnants of an Eating Right Lasagna with Meat Sauce microwaveable lifesaver.

Now would be a good time for me to figure out how to make a "Pin This!" button, huh?

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