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February 22, 2012

Fat Wednesday

It's a healthy baby.

It's one with ten toes and ten fingers and a four-chambered heart (thump your chest 135 times per minute to simulate) and long, straight femurs and Wombat's same adorable newborn overbite, and even a chatty little mouth going moom-moom-moom as it "practices sucking and swallowing" (a.k.a. as it breathes amniotic fluid, which is largely the baby's own urine plus some discarded skin cells for flavor, because even the greatest among us has humble beginnings).

Cute little critter, though, nasty drinking habits and all.

Wombat was with us for the ultrasound (which left me with a bruised bellybutton, wtf?), but we had the tech talk around the subject of the sex so we could surprise him later on--surprise him with the news that we're still processing, and probably will be for a good while.

(Thanks for your patience. Grandparent calling and doll gifting and video uploading and workingworkingworking and HOLY SHIT IT'S A BOY PEEN EVERYWHEREing kind of got in the way of posting yesterday. More to come later, because OBVIOUSLY.)


Oh, Leah, that was ADORABLE!! What an awesome little family you have - Mompth included! Congratulations!!

(I suck at predicting - totally thought it would be a girl!)

Hooray! W will be an excellent big brother, and hopefully not too disappointed that babies don't really do much to begin with.

Yay! You guys make adorable boys. Congrats!

Congratulations! Boys are awesome. As you know.

CONGRATS! I'm living vicariously through your finding out. I'm happy that W is getting his baby brother. I totally thought you were having a girl though!

Hooray! Congratulations! You make smart, adorable boys! I look forward to "meeting" your new son through your beautiful writing and photography. Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

That was so sweet! Yay! Brothers! So excited for you all!

That's so exciting! And how thoughtful of you to get Wombat a boy when he clearly told you that's what he wanted!

Congratulations!! I love his thoughts on having a brother vs having a sister- so honest! :)

Congratualations! Boys are awesome, as you know! Brothers yay!

Best part?
"What does it do?"
"Nothing, babies just lay around."
And I'm sure that's exactly what it will seem like to Wombat. :)

OMG CONGRATS!!!!!! I knew it! Love Wombat's reactions. He is so sweet.

Funnily enough, I wrote all the copy on that Water Babies box. I used to work for the company that manufactured them. You can fill the baby with water so it resembles a "real" baby. Please ignore creepy inset photo of inventor on back panel.


Congratulations, you darling people, you.


Congratulations! Yay for boys! And yay for 10 fingers/toes and four chambers! How very exciting!

Toooo cute! So many congrats to you all!

Congrats! Can't wait to follow along as awesome boy #2 joins the family. Adorable video. :)

This almost makes me want to find out if/when we have another kid. We didn't with the first, and it was a cool experience, but I can ABSOLUTELY see the awesomeness of going this route. Congrats!

AAAAH! Congrats! I'm AWWWWWING away over here! I can't wait to meet the Momph!

That was adorable. Congratulations!

Yay! Congrats! Two boys will be nuts, but also so fun. The video was adorable too. :-)

Wombat is THE CUTEST. My word, you have the most adorable toddler.

Congratulations! A Girl and Three Boys! Awww, another little (healthy!) dude. SEE?! Hanging on to all of those clothes was worth it. And you have narrowly avoided being shipped an assload of baby girl clothes from me.

That video definitely did not make me tear up. (You guys are just such great parents and Wombat is so cute and sweet and oh my gosh baby brother!!!)

Yay!! for big brothers and little brothers. :)

Sorry I'm late in reading this but OMGOMGOMG IT'S A BOY! YAY!

That video was the cutest. But man, I'm so glad you guys are having a boy. Otherwise little sister might be offended!

My husband has two (older) sisters and said he wished he would've had a brother. I have a feeling Mompth and Wombat are gonna be tight. ;)

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