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October 1, 2010

The Story of Us

Okay, so what follows is not really the Story of Us so much as a photographic Cliff's Notes version that was poorly edited and then chewed into scraps by wild dogs, but it's better than nothing (much better; I rather like it), and I really wanted to have something up here to welcome any new readers coming by way of A Practical Wedding today.

(Remember how I met Meg at the Mighty Summit and I was all "I'd like to get married," and then she was all "I can help you with that," and then Helen Jane was all "Finally!" and then Maggie was all "We need an online workspace to make this happen, people," and then I was all, "Um, okay, thank you"? Well, things have transpired such that tonight we're having the ladies over for Scotch and weddin' talk, so gird your girdles, girlies, because it's about to get plan-tastic around here. All wedding! All the time! I said "CREAM," not "WHITE," you IMBECILES! It's my special daaaaaaaay!!!!! (Except, yeah, not so much. I'm more likely to hem and haw and delegate the decisionmaking to someone else and then wake up in the night mumbling something about being chased by angry color schemes, nipping at my heels and (sea)foaming at the mouth.))

Anyhoo, what I've prepared for you today is a little slideshow recording bits and pieces of Simon and me from an indeterminate past up until the present. (I didn't have any photos from before 2008 on this computer, although I did manage to steal from Flickr the first extant photo of us together--the one with me sporting short hair and Simon holding a purple lolly--from July 2004. Look how much fun we're having! You'd never know that I had just broken off an engagement and he was still married!)

The slideshow is an incomplete and imperfect representation of our relationship (and perhaps that's best, as we have an incomplete and imperfect relationship), and although the photos I chose don't say as much about us as they could (for instance: we started a tradition of wrapping our Thanksgiving turkey with bacon, and this seems important), at least the plethora of long-arm selfies will enable you to recognize us if you see us on the street. And besides, the best stuff is all in there: he rips up the dance floor at weddings, I like junk food, he's in a band, I wear sunglasses a lot, he used to do triathlons (until he screwed up his back doing one from Alcatraz (wearing a Spice Girls sweatband)), and I have been and always will be a champion sleeper-inner. Oh, and we had (have! still!) a kid. He's almost two and super swell. We also have a pair of cats, whom we tend to love less when they get shouty at 5 a.m., which may sound cruel but is only fair because the same goes for the toddler.

I'm blabber-blubbering. (I do that.) Let's just see the slideshow already, hey?

(One note: You think it's going to be quiet, but it's not. Don't turn your speakers up too loud.)

Us from LeahK on Vimeo.

(The music is John Doe's "The Golden State" with Eddie Vedder and Corin Tucker, which I heard on the radio for the first time yesterday and was all yessssssss.)

If you want more, here's how I introduced Simon to my Internets, five years ago last month. Here's a podcast in which we told an April Fool's version of how we met. Here's me overthinking the prospect of even having a wedding at all. Here's our engagement, in two parts. Other important links are on my About page, and I should apologize now that I don't have a good navigation system in place here, so scanning the archives is a little on the excruciatingly laborious side. None of that matters, though. What matters is that I'm in love with a wonderful guy and we're finally (finally!) getting married (married!)! I'm so glad you could join us.

Oh, and our names aren't really Simon and Leah. You have a lot to learn.


Awwww you even managed to make Scott tear up! LOVE IT.

And how excited am I that the wedding is FINALLY going to happen??? (If you need any help, I'm still on wedding high, ha!)

We arE gLAd thAt SCott likES iT.

So exciting! Can't wait to see how you do the whole wedding thing(really I'm hoping for ideas - no problem with being married but the thoughts of a fancy wedding freaks me out).
Really excited for you both


Woot! Fantastic intro, very excited for the Mighty Wedding!

Hooray! Happy to have found you, and especially happy to have found another tune with Eddie Vedder that I was unaware of :) I look forward to following along!

You guys are TOO FUCKING CUTE. Very excited to see this wedding come together. YAY!!

Leah, I don't know you but I am so excited to help throw you and Simon a wedding! You guys seem like awesome people and I'm so happy APW/Meg has turned us on to you.

Totally made me tear up. Can't wait to read all about the wedding.

I'm new around here, but I am so excited to help throw you and Simon a wedding! You guys seem like awesome people and I'm so happy APW/Meg has turned us on to you.

I am relatively new reader to your blog. I think you two, well three, are absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to read how all this unfolds.

Love this SO HARD.

Oh, L--this totally got me teary-eyed (and clearly you've been too busy to plan a wedding because, as the slideshow attests, you've been having FUN).

This whole thing makes me happy. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help. Otherwise, know that I am cheering along madly. So happy for you!


As many of us did, I hopped over here from APW not expecting to CRY INTO MY OATMEAL with tears of joy!!

I just went back and read an email I got from you five years ago where you told me all about Simon for the first time, and how much you loved each other and fought for each other, and it made me all SMUSHY and SQUISHY and I'm so glad you're getting married even though you don't need to - because you don't need to! - but you deserve to! feel that ray of warmth and support around you two, who have worked so hard to make yourselves a family.

I just popped over from APW, and I feel like I've made a new friend! You have a beautiful family, and I'm looking forward to watching this wedding (that you most undoubtedly deserve) unfold with the help of this awesome community.

Here from APW. CONGRATS!!! and enjoy....

I love you guys. I wish I lived in CA because you seem like the kind of fun people that I would like to hang out with.

Also then, maybe I could find out YOUR REAL NAMES! Gah! It's completely ridiculous, but it drives me crazy that I don't know them.

Have fun with the wedding planning, I can't wait to see it all happen!

Man, I love this. Congrats to you both on this next awesome adventure. You deserve a wedding as fun and fabulous as you are as a couple.

Beautiful family. I look forward to seeing your wedding photos and hearing all about it.

You guys are like the coolest, most fun-seeming grownups I don't know. You could be a sit-com.

HOORAY!! Man I love you guys.

Love this. Quite a lot. And for the record, I'm not teary, there's merely dust in my contact. Or perhaps I've been chopping onion at 9:35 a.m. Yes.

So excited to see how the wedding unfolds!

Came over from APW to say I'm so excited this is happening for you! Especially as someone who has also been procrastinating a wedding for 2-3 years (depending on when you're counting from), but without the wonderful baby excuse. :-) You guys sounds awesome. It's gonna be great!

(PS-If you still haven't sized your ring, you will officially be the coolest person I know. I haven't sized mine yet, and have just shook off the guilt and accepted the medical tape wrapped around the back like 2 weeks ago.)

Ha. No. Not sized. Two years this December!!! (i don't know how that makes me cool, but I'll take it.)

I'm also over from APW and I just want to say that I am pleased that this wedding planning is happening over scotch. Scotch pretty much ensures that you won't be a "but I said OFF-white!!" kinda bride. Relax and have fun. It's a love party!

Beautiful! Hoping for an updated version with wedding pictures. Congrats!

Saw Meg's plans for you on APW and stopped by. Congrats on your upcoming wedding. Good luck. It looks like you've got an amazing team of women helping you so I'm sure you'll be fine!

I cannot wait!

Let me know if you all need anything from over yonder. I know I'm 3,000 miles away but you also know I'll pop on over.


I could not be more excited about this and am totally ready to help you guys out as much as you helped us for our wedding. :)

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! How wonderful of internet people to help you out! Please let us know if there's anything we can do.

Hi there. I found your blog via APW. Love your slide show. You have such a wonderful little family.

This is so great! Super excited to see how everything unfolds for you guys. Hooray!

Your names aren't Simon and Leah? Won't that be confusing on the marriage certificate?

Mmmmmm... that's so awesome. I've been in a non-blog-reading-fog and I've been missing you.
Love the slideshow. LOVE!

That was beyond sweet. Love you with shorter hair. You deserve a fabulous wedding. I may not be nearby, but I'd be happy to help.

Leah! And Simon and Wombat! Congratulations! I've been lurking, not commenting, for a while, and it's time for me to join in the chorus of hoorays! I clicked over to APW and the enthusiasm is contagious. Can't wait to see how it unfolds.

Oh, you GUYS. This is truly thrilling.

I've been distracted by fb the last few months, so I have a lot of catching up to do. I really enjoyed watching this slideshow. Congratulations on the upcoming wedding!

Yay! This is great :)

That was a really nice montage :)

YAY! I love this! Can't wait to hear more about the wedding. I think you should hire Holly as your wedding planner!

It's quite possible that you two are just one of the most attractive couples on the Internets.

So excited for you all!

This was a great slide show and really makes me want to remember to take photos of US more often in our daily lives.

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