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September 23, 2010


Did you enjoy the undertone of angst and profuse apology in that last post? Yeah, me neither. Here's the good stuff:

1. I finally got an Epiphanie bag and the chance to spend time with Maile, who is warm and generous and awesome. Wouldn't it be great if she agreed to give a bag away on Style Lush? Only a truly warm and generous and awesome person would do that...

2. I got Chookooloonked! Unshowered hat-head and all, dagnabbit. Karen has a way of capturing a person's essence, though, so perhaps it's time I just make peace with the fact that my essence is a little bit on the greasy side.

Photo by Zan
3. I met Meg, who, if you believe in destiny, was the whole reason this opportunity fell in my lap at all. In case you didn't catch on yesterday, she and her team of readers at A Practical Wedding are leading the charge in getting my middle-aged tuchus married off (in style!) once and for all. I'm so excited I could puke.

Photo by Zan
4. I came away from the weekend feeling very special--in the same way that Simon suprising me with a chocolate cookie or hanging a dirty note on my bathroom mirror makes me feel special--and I've got a fun idea brewing about how I'm going to pass that along.

Photo by Zan
5. Maggie did a perfect recap write-up that you should all go read.

Now, where words leave off, photos begin. (I said I was done apologizing, but if you're reading this on a phone or a slow connection, I owe you one.)

Photo by Zan

Photo by Zan

Photo by Zan

Photo by Zan

Photo by Zan

Photo by Zan

Photo by Zan

Photo by Zan

Photo by Zan

Photo by Zan


Yay! That's what we wanted to hear.

I'm really curious about how you find the Epiphanie bag in practice, what you're able to carry in it, how heavy it is, how easy to get in and out of. Any chance of a review after you've had a little more time to enjoy it? Please?

Again, yay!

I long for the day I can carry a bag that is not also appropriate for diapers.

Oh did you get the Belle? I have that one! I took it on our trip to Egypt in May and I loved it!! Love all the photos!

I've had my Epiphanie bag since the spring and I carry it (and my camera) with me everywhere.

She's PLANNING YOUR WEDDING? Oh, man. I hope I'm invited. ;)

Karen's portrait of you was lovely and ethereal. Give your beautiful self credit for being beautiful. Silly girl. ;-)

I LOVE that picture Karen took of you!

OK, so last night I had a dream I went to this, but it was on top of a big stormy mountain, and we had to cross a rickety rope bridge (this is a constant in my dreams) to get to the tiny house where we all had to sleep on the floor amidst hundreds of little Limoges boxes. And then suddenly I was on the subway. I don't know.

ANYWAY. I'm so glad the ACTUAL event was much nicer than that, as evidenced by your photos. I also agree that the photo of you is LOVELY.

So when is this much talked about wedding going to go down? I'll believe it when I see it (or rather, attend it I s'pose)! =)

I might be as far away as a girl can be and still share a Presidental election with you (well, I suppose there's Maine) but I will help get that tuchus married in any way I can!

I got an Epiphanie Bag for my birthday and it has been so, so great. I love the handle options and the amount of stuff I can throw in with my camera and additional lenses. Plus I feel less like a target for someone to swipe my camera bag when traveling. Hope you love yours!

Love that picture of you. Gorgeous.

This is just the perfect-est. You even made me like that photo of me.

Side note: in the comments of my blog today two ladies admitted that they puked right after the wedding from emotional overload. So! Puke away.

And seriously. I think I've had 10 people try to give me their wedding dresses for you, not even knowing who you are and what size you are and what you like. They are so excited.

Whhhhaaaaaaat, where have I been, you're getting married!? I am happy. I want to help, can I?

Love, Love, Love.

You are just wonderful!

I'm excited for you, lady! Congrats on your imminent nuptials!

I'm just excited for the wedding.
You're one of the few people I would fly 3,000 miles for.

What?! I just saw your photocredit there and thought, "There's another Zan out there and this Zan is cool enough to go to Mighty Summit?! Wowz!"

Is there a blog I can click to for more information on my name-twin?

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