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September 16, 2010

Zip It Good

I told you we had a zipline! Where else but in the privacy of my backyard would I wear white athletic socks with jeans and brown tennis shoes, right?

Okay, not our backyard, but at least we could ride the zipline in Park City without scraping our knees on the ground. If you think this looks like fun, and if you should find yourself in Park City (and if you should have a wealthy benefactor; thanks, dad!), know this: (1) You'll want to go to Park City Mountain Resort, not the Utah Olympic Park in Park City (unless you also want to ride a bobsled and/or see athletes huck themselves off ski jumps). At the one we went to, there's the zipline and also alpine slides, a "rollercoaster," and kiddie rides, although if you try either of those last two options, three out of three riders recommend you wear a diaper.

We're smiling because our pants have suddenly become very, very warm.

The outing was a surprise I'd planned for Simon, figuring he'd be impressed by my derring-do in merely suggesting we attempt something so frivolously dangerous. The zipline turned out to be no big deal in comparison to that rollercoaster thing, though, but even then I think his favorite part was actually the chair lift.

Thank god my camera-saavy parents came along to capture that magic moment. (The worst of it was not Simon grabbing my boob in front of my father but that Simon was wearing my dad's jacket while he was doing it, which *shiver* gives me the creeps even now.)

(More photos and videos from Park City here.)

As for our actual backyard zipline, here's a clip of it in action, from yesterday, when Wombat was home "sick" from daycare AGAIN (because of course that was the one day this month I was supposed to go into work for a meeting).


Housekeeping stuff:

You guys don't know how happy it makes me to see so many people excited about Alexa's book. As a person who also owns two copies of it--a signed one and a spare to pass around (currently with my mother)--I especially love those of you who piped up for the chance to win your second one. If I could, I'd buy every single one of you two copies, but barring the unlikely event of my striking it rich by next week, I really hope those of you who don't win this one will go out and buy it anyway. (Or at least go read velocibadgergirl and HeatherB's reviews and enter to win copies from them too.)

(When I love a piece of literature, one of two things usually happens: either I tell everyone I know about it, disrespecting personal boundaries left and right (e.g., those poor girls who were trapped in the elevator with me at BlogHer while I was shaking my copy of Half Baked in their faces), or else I get extremely selfish and proprietary, keeping mum and trying to erase all references to the work from public record (which is especially hard when I'm dealing with things that have been around for several hundred years) simply because I can't bear the thought of anyone reading it and thinking it is anything less than perfection. (Say a bad thing about Hamlet and I will cut you.) Anyway, let's just consider it fortunate that Alexa's book fell into the Share category so you can all enjoy her genius.)

But before I award one lucky person that fabulous prize next week, I should probably take care of the Crystal Light winner from last month, eh? I random.orged it last night and the winner is...Kathleen! Kathleen, who does not have a blog but who Googling has led me to believe went to grad school with my ex-fiance! (Eep?) Kathleen, I'll send you an email so I can hook you up with you $100 gift card. Congratulations! (Might I recommend a book for you to spend some of that money on?)

Finally, this is one part self-pimping but three parts genuine wonder: Does no one have anything to say about the benefits/disadvantages of using online communities to help us reach our goals? No one? Do you all have deep wells of will power, or are you just smart enough not to invite the world to watch you fail?


In New Zealand a zipline is called a flying fox. I don't know why I think you need to know this.

I need to know that because here a flying fox is another name for a fruit bat, aka MEGABAT!

See here: http://www.agirlandaboy.com/journal/archives/002619.html

I've done the zip at Olympic Park AND watched those crazy Olympiads ski down wet astroturf, do flips and tricks, and land in the pool. Crazy.

And, for curiosity sake, please share one or seven of those beloved books you're hoarding, so we all can enjoy. Pretty please? With sugar and cherries?

Know what, in good faith, I'll share one of the books I hoard:

Ahab's Wife by Sena Jeter Naslund

Read it maybe five years ago, and it still haunts my dreams.

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