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February 2, 2009

Three Up

Oh, if every day could be like this. It's only 3 p.m. and I've worked out, showered, eaten breakfast and lunch(!), and, look at this, gotten online. Wombat's on his third nap of the day and he continues to love the new wrap (courtesy of Elizabeth) while he's awake. I know this probably means tomorrow will be the pits, but let's not think about the rain while the sun is still shining, eh?

The reason I know tomorrow will be horrible is because my days have been cycling in threes since we brought the kid home: For three days I'm rested and energetic, then on the fourth day I'm exhausted. For three days the baby will love me, love life, love everything, and on the fourth day he'll suffer multiple bouts of inconsolability. For three days he'll go down easy for naps, and then the fourth will find Simon and I discussing with one eyebrow raised (his) the matter of the baby needing to be "put down."

For now, though, I am enjoying the third of three wonderful days (although it's now three and a half hours later than when I started this entry) so in the spirit of enjoying the fine times rather than sandbagging against the worst-case scenario yet to come, here's our three Ups before the Downs.

Saturday: We slept late, as usual (one of the reasons parenthood hasn't completely kicked our asses is that we can sleep until 11 every day), so the day didn't really get going until the sun was almost down. At about six we finally decided it was time to leave the house and make something of our weekend, so we headed north to In-n-Out for burgers and Krispy Kreme for doughnut-shaped crack and then followed the road until we reached the site of our very first surprise date: the parking lot of the Budweiser factory, after hours. The steam wasn't tumbling down over the red neon sign the way it needs to for that kind of date to make any sense, but we did relive old times by listening to the entirety of "Thick as a Brick," which we were lucky to finish just minutes before the kind (and dreamy) security guard kicked us out for trespassing on private property. We explained to him how the Budweiser parking lot was so very special to us and how we had longed to bring our son there to experience the magic, but he said his supervisor didn't care. I bet his supervisor also thought we were super weird.

Sunday: We had breakfast at our favorite diner in Berkeley, another location featured prominently in early chapters of The Story of Us. The best part was either the whole wheat pancakes or showing off our spawn to the counter waitress whom I call "Waldo Lady" because she thinks Simon's name is Waldo. (He always gives unusal fake names at restaurants so he's sure they're calling him and not some other Simon. The first time we went to this diner, he told the lady his name was Geraldo, but she misheard him and wrote down Waldo, so Waldo he became, and Waldo Lady she became. We've been going there for over four years now and she was tickled to see the adorable reason behind our recent absence.)

After breakfast, we headed off to Golden Gate Park in general and ended up in the Botanical Garden to be specific. Photos here. Rather than sleeping through this like he does for every other outing (ungrateful child), Wombat woke up long enough to see some trees and stuff, which must count for something, yes? Is looking at plants a "cultural event"?

Then we drove home through the Presidio (San Francisco's defunct military base), Land's End (super-rich neighborhood home to Robin Williams), and North Beach (where the boobies are). Then, at home, hot tub. Ohhhh yeaaahhh.

Monday: See above re: Basic personal hygiene! Meals consumed in a continuous sitting! Amazing napping baby! Blog entry written in a single day (albeit over five hours)! Fervent prayers that every day should go so smoothly! Frantic imaginings of the horror tomorrow surely brings!


You have remained the Most Active New Parents I ever did know! Good for you guys!

Oh lovely. I'm so happy that you are enjoying the wrap. Many blessings that day Four is just as great.

Man, you're having all kinds of fun with that baby! And you're both looking fantastic. :) I'd say motherhood agrees with you.

Can I tell you how refreshing it is to hear about your active weekend? I'm getting really tired of the YOU WILL NEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE AGAIN horror stories people seem really excited to share with me.

Now I know I need to get out more, because I don't have an adorable baby to blame my hermit tendencies on. Blast!

I guess three out of four ain't bad, hey?

Give that sweetie a smooch for me.

I have noticed that since the little guy was born you've been sporting a ring on your wedding finger. Not the ring you wore before on your right. I know that you've been VERY, VERY vocal on the fact that marriage doesn't matter to you, it's just a title. I knew it would matter when you were finally a mother that you're not his wife, you're S's girlfriend. You don't have the same last name as the little guy and S, and it REALLY does matter. You want people to believe he's your husband and you're his wife. It really did and does matter, other wise you wouldn't be wearing a band to suggest to people that you were.

Lots of misreadings, misunderstandings, and misconceptions there. If it weren't a classic Day Four, I might have the energy to address them all. Sigh.

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