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December 14, 2008

Simon Says - "It's Happening" Updated (5)

Yup. Ladies and gentlemen, it is 2:10 AM, we've been at the hospital since 10:00.

Leah was at 3 to 4 cm when we got here.

I.V. went like this: Nurse one - nope. Nurse two - nope. Head nurse - nope. Strikingly handsome anesthesiologist - you betcha!

Leah has no desire to be a hero - drugs are on the menu.

There is going to be a baby soon. And Leah and I will drink champagne. And I will be skipping a few days of work.

Leah is resting comfortably, and all is well. More to follow.


I slept for a few hours, Leah got some good rest.

It is now 8:05, and she's at 8 cm.

New nurse. Last one went home. And here's what I have to say about the nurses: they are hot.

The coffee here is horrible! Leah is lucky that she doesn't like coffee.

We have been up all night, and haven't even started pushing.

The epidural is making her itchy. She has nothing else to add.

That is all.


It is 12:45. 9.5 cm, and a tiny bit of cervix yet to flatten. She has been given petocin about 15 minutes ago, and the nurse predicts "the urge" at about 1:00-but-don't-quote-her-on-that.

Leah has been too excited to sleep all this time, so she is closing her eyes and being quiet for a little while, just to get ready for the big show.

For those of you who don't know, we've been told it's a boy. Now is the time to place those longshot "it's a girl" wagers. I think you'd make a killing if you win.

We agreed to be in a study where they are trying to see what types of bacteria and whatnot can get transferred from the mom to the baby. While Leah was getting her informed consent, I went to the car to get some more stuff. That is when they asked her if there are any domestic abuse issues that she needed to talk about. Apparently, she said that there is no need for any intervention.

I am very excited to become a dad. I hope to be a good one.

We're looking at just a few hours now. Whoot whoot.


The nurse says we're at 10 cm, the cervix is completely flat, and Leah's body is doing a little pushing on its own. She is calling the doctor to report, and to ask if we (HA! We!) should start pushing.

I have already told Leah that I plan to yell, at the appropriate time, "Hey, everybody! Look! She pooped!"


We are now on nurse number three. What's up with the hot nurses in this place? Sadly, none of them has been wearing a little vinyl outfit with 4 inch heels.

The doctor is doing an emergency cesearian on some other poor soul, so we are in holding pattern. However, that is apparently a good thing, as the baby is coming out sloooooowly, and that is supposed to be better for the lady bits.

So this labor has been officially over 24 hours. Usually, that sounds horrible, but ever since the epidural went in, this is more boring than anything. I've gotten some reading and napping done, ant that's as exciting as it gets. More later...

Update 5:

...and now we're pushing.


Wow! My insomnia has paid off! So happy I get to read this news so soon after it's been posted. Leah and Simon, I'm wishing you guys a fast and happy labor. Can't wait to see pictures of the little one.

Hooray! It's finally time!


Woo hoo!

Exciting news! I can't wait to hear the rest!

For once being in an eastern time zone means that I'm not the last to get the news!

Go Leah!!! Good luck to you all today for a healthy bouncing baby boy! Can't wait to hear what this secret name is and see a picture!

Wow, how exciting! Good luck to you both!

Oooh! So exciting! December 14 is an EXCELLENT day to have a baby. Dahlia turns one TODAY!

I am hoping that things went smoothly and that you are cuddling with your new little man right now, Leah.


Woohoo! How exciting!

Congrats! and I hope things go well/went well for you all today.

Oh gosh, so EXCITING! Sending many, many, many good thoughts your way!

So exciting!! Best of luck! Can't wait to meet the wombat! More exclamation marks!!!


Love you guys!

Sending you good vibes and looking forward to news!

Yaaaaaaaaaay! Thinking good, happy thoughts.

AAAAHHHHHHH YAY!!!!!! Go Leah! Go Womabat! Go Simon!

Enjoy the delicious drugs, my friend! I can't wait to hear how everything went, what a superstar you were, what you named Wombat...and see pictures!!!!


I am so excited!!!!

The anticipation is killing me. :-)

Eagerly hitting refresh, go Wombat!

Go boy go. It is my birthday today and it is a good day to be born.

You have a bunch of fans over here discussing the latest details. We're all cheering for you!!!

(lots of love, me, my sister-in-law, my mom, Bethany Actually and all the kids of course)

being a mom is heroic... drugs and all.


Yay!!! Can't wait to hear the rest of the story! Thinking 'bout you guys!

Yay! That's so awesome and exciting and stuff.


Sending you prayers for a simple delivery from DC.

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We all knew it was happening today...I mean, due dates are essentially infallible, right?

What a great day!

What a great day!

wombat time!!! Yay yay yay!

Woohoo! There is so nothing wrong with the drugs.
Hope it all goes well!


Oh, wow! Awesome!

*puts on work hat*

I had *just* moved you into a different ad network on Friday afternoon and it looks like there was a hitch. I am fixing it right now. Just so you know!

*takes off work hat*

What a great photo and I love the thumbs up!

Seriously. I'd like to loudly second the person who said that being a mother is heroic, drugs or not. Amen sistah! I hope and pray that by now he's out and in your arms. I cannot WAIT to hear his name and see pictures... c'mon Wombat, c'mon!

Baby is interested in making an Entrance (capital E), I see. Come on, Baby!

omg I am so excited....

I'm so excited for y'all! I hope all is going well! Can't wait to meet him (not taking the "It's really a girl bet!") :)

Yipppee! I am so excited for you guys! Can't wait to hear more!

Hope you guys are snuggling right now! Can't wait to hear what you named him.

Domestic abuse?!?! WTF?!?

...and also the excited squeals continue...

Every time I have been asked the domestic abuse question, it has been framed in THE most inappropriate way.

I bet Baby laughed at that.

C'mon Wombat!!!

Holy cow! This is some edge-of-your-seat bloggin'. I am checking the site like an addict at the moment.

Go Wombat! You can do it!

AHHHH! YAY!!!!!! i have been checking in like a lunatic today, and i can't wait!!!! CONGRATS! :)

UPDATE 4: at 3:55 PM (Just for the timeline.)

Nice for the lady bits? GOOD BABY!

Update 5: 4:35 PM

Push, Leah, Push!

This has been an awesome day for refreshing a girlandaboy.com

Huzzah! So excited for you both!

I'm so twittering this!

Oh my god, I leave the country for one second and you guys HAVE A BABY????

This is so exciting -- a million congratulations and lots of luck! Let us know when he's here!

PUSH PUSH!! Though, I dearly hope that your little man is here, by now! Pushing was less fun than I imagined ;) It's been nearly an hour now, I think.... eeeeek!!

This is so nerve wracking. Ugh!! Come on, baby!!

Hey what happened to the site? It won't load. I had a hard time getting to the comments page.

Hopefully it means baby is here and something happened with the updates. Congrats you guys!

YAHOOO!!! I can't believe this is happening...!


This is so exciting!!!!!!!


Ah! Congrats! Hope the pushing is going well!

I hope by now you guys are loving on the baby and not still pushing... ouch!

Yay yay yay! Gotta love the Internet for keeping us so well-informed. Keeping my fingers crossed that Update #6 (i.e., "He's here!") is posted real soon! All the best to the three of you.

Yay!!! Yay!!! Yay!!!

Fingers crossed that all is well.

Oh my gosh, hilariousness runs in the family. The poop comment and "lady bits" made me snort. (Unfortunately for me, I was eating an apple at the time. ...Almost needed a little hospital trip myself.)

Congrats, you guys! Can't wait to read your next post. =)

I can't stop checking in here! Please, update, update! You're all in our thoughts right now!

I was weeping from flickr and it is continuing. I am so happy for you THREE! I am wordless beyond. I wish I was there for love and casserole making.

Congratulations! You made it!

So adorable! Congratulations!!!

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