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June 28, 2007

Broken Glass

A valuable lesson illustrated in three photographs:

1. The Heart-stopper

2. The Sigh-of-reliefer

3. The RIPer

The last photo is of a $14 filter as seen through the $600 lens whose ass it saved.

(Over the weekend, I dropped my camera, cracking the filter and chewing up the edge of the lens cap. The fall also busted the plastic clasp that keeps the strap attached to the camera, but I didn't realize that until I almost dropped everything a second time about three minutes later, when the strap slid completely off the unit. The camera plunged toward the ground, only to be caught by my catlike reflexes about an inch an and half above the concrete. Then I had a heart attack.

If that weren't enough, earlier that day the CF card started acting up, and out of the 120 pictures I took, only 82 survived. Today I'm pulling my back-up strap out of the closet, buying a new $14 filter, and ordering a free replacement CF card from Lexar. When it rains it pours, eh?)


Oh, that first picture made my heart sink - glad it turned out OK.

I have a Nikon D70, myself and I don't know what I'd do if I broke my lens.


Oh wow - I'm glad the spendy stuff is all OK!

I feel your pain, and am very glad you were so lucky!

I got my Nikon at the end of May. Just a few weeks later, I went to jog across the street with my cam around my neck. One step into the street and the strap came loose and the entire camera flew about 10 feet into traffic, while the cover sped to the opposite road. With extreme luck, there's only some scratches around the lens and camera body. Now I'm thinking about getting a filter for my next case of spastickness...

Thank goodness for the filter.

I opened your page and the first photo was the only thing on my screen I gasped, took in all the air in the room. Then scrolled down and I felt my heart beat return. I can't even imagine if I dropped my D80.

Same thing happened to me a couple of years ago. Phew. My $15 filter saved my $600 lens. Yeah, baby!

OMG. Heart-stopper is right. Luckily I knew you're a filter kind of gal, and I sighed a huge sigh of relief a second later. But looking at that picture is scary. Scary.

y'know, i'd heard people tell me that's why you should get a filter for your lens and while i believed 'em, deep down i always wondered if it was actually true. . .

and about the compact flash card, some people aren't aware of this but fyi, when you're done transferring photos to your computer it's generally a good idea to have the camera format the card rather than just tell the camera to erase all pictures. . . and it's worse if you leave photos on the card and tell the camera to erase a photo here and there. . . for whatever reason not formatting the card makes it more likely that the photos will get corrupt. . .

OMG!! That scared me for you! I am glad the camera is okay! I hope this means we will be seeing some new house photos soon.

If you want to try a different brand of CF card for your next one, I haven't had any real problems with my SanDisk Ultra II cards. =)

AUGH! That first photo made me poop a little.
So glad the lens came through the fall unscathed.

<Nelson laugh>Haw-haw.</Nelson laugh>

But yes, hooray for cat-like reflexes the second time 'round.

On our honeymoon this past week, I did the same thing. I froze, slowly turned to Mike - my husband - and said, "You're going to start asking around about divorce lawyers, aren't you?" He laughed, picked up the camera, showed me the busted filter and said, "This is the main reason I bought these."

Glad your camera is okay.

In 31 years of photography...I've never done that.
Of course now that I've boasted about it, at least one of my cameras are doomed.


I've got a sky filter on my most trusty lens (28-105 mm USM). That reminds me I need to get one for my larger zoom.

Noticed on my Canon DigiRebel (the original 6.3 mp model) that the strap is also frayed a bit. A lesson for all Canon people: they make excellent lenses and cameras, but you've gotta be careful with their crappy straps. Would it be blasphemy to put a Nikon strap on a Canon camera?

T-bone: Simon actually got me a new strap for Christmas (not because the Canon one was bad but because he found one that was all cushiony and wanted to protect my delicate girly shoulder). What happened was that the lens (well, the filter) fell directly on the plastic strap clasp and broke it clean off. It's a Bower Pro strap and I like it very much.

That first picture made me gasp out loud! Way to strike fear in my heart :)

I just piddled my pants... and then I scrolled down.

All is well... except I need to go change.

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