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May 21, 2007


It was another one of those weekends that, when it's over, require another, contiguous, weekend of recovery. I have six sets of photos to share, if that's any indication. And so, for starters, I give you cats.

Remember Stan? He's happy in his new home, and miracle of miracles, he's actually lost some weight in the last six months under the care of his new parents. His mom and dad say his sagging pelt makes him look like a cat dressed up in a cat suit, and on Saturday we saw with our own eyes that he is indeed smaller (although still quite enormous). He's lost enough volume from his head, though, that he looks downright kittenish from the right angle.

He gets brushed every day, and he just got a new leash and harness (modified for his girth) in hopes that he can one day soon venture out into the world beyond the fire escape. Unlike Eve, who does not tolerate her harness and must content herself to harrass the pigeons from the other side of the window pane.

More pics (and proof that I'm getting the hang of the 50mm lens) are accessible to Flickr Friends here and here.


I had only a 50mm lens when I started out, now I loves me the wide angle (esp. when photographing phat cats).

For dogs, fast dogs, there's nothing like a long zoom.

i love the facial expressions cats make.

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