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April 12, 2007

Under the Sea

It seems we're eating our way through Episode 11, "Ocean Deep," of Discovery's Planet Earth series. Last night: pan-seared scallops in champagne sauce (we were out of white wine) cooked with oyster mushrooms and served with Simon's special-recipe butternut squash faux risotto. Today: tuna fish sandwiches. At this rate, by Saturday we'll be slurping sharkfin soup sprinkled with sailfish roe.



[Lest you be inordinately impressed, the scallops were frozen and from a bag, the thyme was dried and from a bottle, and the risotto was not arborio but jasmine rice, and flavored with butternut squash soup from a box (et tu, soup?) and topped with bagged, pre-shredded parmesan cheese. We did use sea salt for extra fancy points, though. I got the recipe from on-demand's Digital Cookbook.]

And that's all there is today. Any requests? Anything you're dying to know? I'm at your service.


Wow! I don't normally like seafood but I will admit that your stories and pictures have got me thinking about it a lot!!

Your filter found my last comment spamalicious, so I'm trying again. As a vegetarian, I've never tried a scallop, so I went looking to find more info. Did you know they are hermaphroditic? Your dinner had many talents. My dinners are never that exciting. Vegetables=Boring

First the geoduck, then the vagina mussels, now the hermaphroditic scallops! I swear to you this was not planned. (Tonight: hot dogs?)


I'll be really impressed if you do lobster tail!!! Lobster tail is incredibly expensive, however, and there's definitely a fine line between dangerously undercooked and tasting like an old tennis shoe in all of its rubbery glory (at least in my experience....then again, cooking is not my strong suit!!)

So what movie/t.v. show did you select as your entertainment for last night's meal?? I'm rather impressed with the theme parties!!


For the last few nights, we've just watched Splash over and over.


If you want a truly terrifying seafood experience, try razor clams. They waggle their scary little tongues at you when you rinse them, then scream as you pour on the marinade. After that I could hardly bear to eat them.

I must say I am impressed by your seafood cooking skills. I think I have always been scared off by the whole expensive and mysterious European factor, however last night my roommates and I had Rosemary Salmon and it was really yummy.

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