10 Nov

Awesome Fall/Winter Projects and Crafts

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! ‘Tis the season to roll yourself in glitter, slap a paper star to your forehead, and adopt as your official motto the phrase “All Your Crafts Are Belong to Us.” Work has made me insane in the membrane, so this year I’m not thinking too far outside the box and am instead revisiting craft posts from the past, all of which emphasize getting your gluestick groove on in cheap and easy ways. The TP Tube Turkeys and Borax Crystal Snowflakes are not to be missed, but there are some other gems in there too. (The Starlight Peppermint Cups are pretty awesome, IMO.)

Have fun, pin away, and let me know which are your favorites!

Fall and Thanksgiving

TP Tube Turkeys *crowd favorite!*

Thankfulness Turkey Basket (There’s a surprise on the feathers.)

Winter and Christmas

Borax Crystal Snowflakes *crowd favorite!*

DIY Snowglobe Magnets *crowd favorite!*

Starlight Peppermint Cups

Ivory Snow Trees

Spaghetti Trees

Martha Wrap Trees

Easy DIY Felt Trees

DIY Snowglobes

New Years

24 Awesome Advent Calendars (to Make or Buy)

14 New Year’s Eve Projects and Crafts


  • We always put a few crafts on our 25 days of Christmas so I’m bookmarking to do some of these! I think I wanted to do the Borax snowflakes last year but didn’t get around to it. THIS YEAR!

  • Okay, now that I have an almost-six-year-old who has finally started grasping the basics of creating things other than spears and swords (perhaps I can attribute this change to the art class at the chokingly expensive private school he attends), I might actually be able to show him how to make those toilet paper roll turkeys and leave him to it. The three-year-old . . . he’s still into spears. But maybe he’ll want to do what his big brother is doing.

Have at it!

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