6 Nov

DIY Snowglobe Magnets

Here’s a re-run from last year because people have been asking about it lately. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I’ll respond when I can.

This is the perfect winter craft project for those of you who thought you had run out of time for winter craft projects. Let’s make these adorable snowglobe magnets in the time it takes you to steep a cup of peppermint tea.


What you’ll need:

–magnetic tins with clear lids
–fake snow
–personal photos or pictures from magazines
–kitchen sponge (a new one)


Step 1. Buy these GRUNDTAL stainless steel magnetic spice tins from Ikea. You can find other tins online for cheaper, but these are nice and big and sturdy and they won’t rust and the lids will stay on and the magnets are already on there and you won’t be sorry, I promise. They’re just under three bucks a pop and totally worth it. (Commenters have also reported seeing these at Dollar Tree as of November 2014.)



Step 2. Find an image that will look cute in a fridge-front snowglobe. I didn’t have any personal prints on hand, so I went through my stack of holiday catalogs and found some great stuff. In the image at the top of this post, the heart is a rug, the Merry sign is kids’ room decor, and the baby is from a sample holiday card. You could also print things from the internet if your printer isn’t an old fogey printer like mine is.

Use the clear lid of your container to trace an outline around your image, but then cut about 1/4 inch inside that line so the picture fits in the bottom of the tin. You’ll want it to fit as tightly as possible, with no gaps at the edges, so just cut a little at a time until you have the right size.




Step 3. I found that the finished product looked better if the image wasn’t flush with the bottom of the tin, so to make the picture pop forward, a cut a little square of kitchen sponge, taped it to the inside of the tin, and then taped my image on top of it. If you’re going extra lo-fi, you could also just crumple some catalog scraps and tape the image to the pile.

Step 4. Add your fake snow! It’s not quite as bad as glitter, but it does have a way of getting everywhere, so be ye warned.


And that’s it! Pretty cute, huh?




They’re an easy way to add a bit of winter decor without adding a bunch of clutter, and kids love them. You know who else loves them with a picture of your kids inside? Grandmas. Tie a pretty ribbon around it or rim the side with colorful washi tape and you have a sweet little seasonal gift.


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  • I don’t have Ikea and thought since they are kitchen things, I checked out BBB and they have them for $2.99 spice holders. However, with that said I can’t wait to try them. However, they are deeper than the ones you showed. I did order some from OT but they are plastic but I figured if they are just an one time put on the lid, they can’t be too bad.

  • Hi –
    the only magnetic tins with clear lids I can find are about 1inch in diameter and I cannot imagine making them that small – are you talking about these sizes?

    • No, you can see these are bigger than that–closer to 3 or 4 inches across. I found mine at Ikea; you might see if you can order them online.

      • YEs – sorry. someone on Amazon told me they were 1″ is diameter but then two other people gave me the proper measurement. Sorry – we have bought them and looking forward to the activity – thanks for this great idea!!! :)

  • If I actually wanted to make it into a snowglobe, will any liquids or oils rust the tin?

    • I wouldn’t use these particular tins for actual snowglobes, since the lids press on (rather than screw on with a threaded top and bottom) and I’d worry about leakage. I can’t say whether they’d rust or not; you’d have to test it.

Have at it!

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