28 May

Eleven Things

Sometimes you discover someone online and think they’re the bee’s knees, and then sometimes you get to meet them in person and they’re even better and your only improvement on the relationship would be that they didn’t live two hundred miles away. Janet is one of those people. I want to be like her when I grow up.

She tagged me in her Eleven Things meme, and it’s just what I need right now despite the fact that because I have a list three pages long of important things I should be doing instead. It’s amazing how I can always find the time to procrastinate.

You know how people are always getting all wistful for the old days of blogging? If you go back farther than personal blogs of people sharing their Important Stories outside the auspices of corporate sponsorship, this is pretty much what you got: memes and quizzes, memes and quizzes, memes and maybe a shared video (scroll down for that). I’m glad we’re bigger than that now, yet I have nothing but fond memories of being online in the early aughts, before smartphones and Twitter and before weblogs were full of “content” instead of just random stuff we wanted to share with random people. Adjust the drawstring on your velour trackpants and read on.

1. What is your favorite type of cheese?
Manchego is always a delight, but my eyes tend to roll back in my head for pretty much any kind of goat cheese because mmmmmmm, creamy. Tangy. Goaty. (Not to be confused with “goatse,” of course, which I’ve still never seen. *heroic pose*) (DON’T GOOGLE THAT.) (Right now we have a goat cheese log (ugh, LOG) rolled in blueberries and it’s to die for on a boring old salad.

2. What are you excited about?
Everyone has heard of stage moms, and I’m a little worried I’m turning into a kindergarten mom. I’m SO EXCITED for Wombat and I probably need to tone it down. I just loved school so damn much, and I know how ready he is to be finally done with preschool. He’s also going to camp for the first time (and my first time too), and it’s almost too much excitement (for me). Riding the bus! Swimming lessons! Library visits! Theme dress-up days! I need to go lie (lay?) down.

3. How did you celebrate your last birthday?
My birthday was earlier this month and Simon asked me last night if I’d had a good one and I honestly couldn’t remember what we’d done. S brought home two little pieces of cake and there were candles and singing, and then we probably watched a movie or something because it was my birthday but it was still a regular Thursday night with two kids. I’m one of those people who says, “It’s my birthday! It’s my birthday! It’s my birthday!” all week but actually means it when she also says, “I don’t really want to do anything special.”

4. What is on your bedside table?
Pictures of the boys, books I’m not reading (those go in the bathroom, since I pretty much only read while I’m drying my hair), lotion, glasses, stuff I’ve taken away from Fox (things that are fragile, swallowable, sharp, etc.). And so much dust.

5. What do you order from the movie theater concession stand?
I was always a popcorn and Diet Coke person growing up, but now that I’m an adult and realize theater popcorn is NOT the healthy choice, I’m all about the frozen Junior Mints. Not that those are the healthy option, but at least I’m not fooling myself. Besides, we only go to the theater about once a year, and no one should feel guilty about one box of Junior Mints every 365 days.

6. Do you have a garden? What’s growing?
We finally got the last bed planted over the holiday weekend, so we’re basking in the fresh glow of potential, which should carry us through a few weeks or so before we lose things to some combination of overwatering, underwatering, over-/under-fertilizing, crazy temperatures, an overenthusiastic toddler, general neglect, and @%$!ing squirrels and jays and possums and raccoons. Right now we have rosemary, oregano, collard, five kinds of tomatoes, rhubarb, patty pan squash, lemon cucumber, arugula, Cinderella pumpkin, corn, green beans, fava beans, snap peas, asparagus, strawberries, blackberries, and ornamental artichokes. Plus the fruit trees (Meyer lemon, lime, orange, and four kinds of apples). If only we had some idea of what we were doing with all of it.

7. Any summer plans?
Wombat’s going to camp (CAMP!), but he’ll have a few weeks of stay-at-home-with-mom time in between sessions, and I’m really looking forward to it. There are things I enjoy about newborns and babies and toddlers and preschoolers, but I’ve finally found my groove, and it’s with a kid who can read and do math and play games and work on more complicated projects. I have a million activities planned and it’s going to be awesome. Whole-family-wise, we have some parties in the works, and we’ll take a handful of weekend trips (camping!), but overall it’s going to be fairly low-key and that’s just what the doctor ordered.

8. Which TV couple(s) are you rooting for?
Well, I’m rooting against Sarah and Hank and Amber and…What’s His Name because although they’re all lovely people in their own ways, they’re WRONG WRONG WRONG for each other. As ever, we’re a season behind on Mad Men, but I kind of need Megan and Don to chill out because they’re dysfunctional in exactly the right ways for each other. I mean, if Don could just keep his *ahem* business at home for once.

9. What’s the last thing you bought?

Yesterday I received an exciting Amazon delivery of Avon Skin-So-Soft bug repellant, vitamin B1 (supposedly also a bug repellant; I’m being eaten away right before your eyes), and a three-pack of Tide Stain Sticks. This feels like the online equivalent of going into Victoria’s Secret and coming out with giant tummy-support beige underpants. Such a (panty)waste.

10. What’s one thing you are passionate about?
My job. I’ve had two books reviewed in big-deal papers recently (SF Chronicle! NEW YORK TIMES!) and I’ve received some really flattering feedback from both new and long-time clients, but it’s the day-to-day stuff that really gets me going. I love untangling sentences and making people sound more graceful with language than they did before. You get runner’s high? I get editor’s high.

11. What are you grateful for this week?
I’m grateful we have a guest room so we can host family for the weekend. I’m grateful the two-alarm house fire across the street on Monday didn’t hurt anybody. I’m grateful that even though money’s tight we can afford things like food and new clothes and Tide Stain Sticks and summer camp. I’m grateful we have health insurance because it only cost us $75 to have our kid’s head glued back together in the emergency room on Saturday. (GUESS WHICH KID?)

I tag eleven (plus one) more: Alison, Amanda, Amanda, Jessica, Jessica, Kristin, Christine, Jennifer, Megan (gosh, do you think we are children of the 70s/80s?), Margosita, ElizabethT (brand new baby what?), velocibadgerGRL, and anyone else who wants to play along. (Let me know if you do!)

And now for something completely unrelated, I thought this was awesome:

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  • I think I am the only person to not like goat cheese. I want to but I just can’t!!

    And I may never blog regularly, but I do love a good meme!

    • Nothing bugs be quite like one person being “sad” for another person for not liking a certain food. Because guess what? It’s not sad if THEY DON’T LIKE IT. (Can you tell I once knew someone who did this to me all the time?) :)

  • Your movie theater sells frozen junior mints?? I’ve only ever seen room temperature candy.

    • Awesome, right? At the last few theaters I’ve been too, there’s a freezer that mostly has ice cream and popsicles, but also a few kinds of candy. Frozen Junior mints are the bomb.

      • Oh man, I wish this was a thing in Beijing. Or in Canada.

  • 1) My most recent purchase from Amazon was a six-pack of BiteMD sticks for post-mosquito-soothing. PLEASE keep us updated on if the products you bought work, because I’m sick of getting bites while walking to and from my car every day, much less while walking Rosalind. AND while in the shower because no matter where I live mosquitoes come up through the tub drain.

    2) All of the other Megans I’ve met have also been born 84-85 (latest operating theory I’ve heard : the miniseries for The Thorn Birds aired in 83 so the character Meggie spread the name).

    3) Lay/lie is the bane of my grammar, so much so that I trained Rosalind with just “down.”

    • 1. So far so good on the lotion, although it’s pretty greasy. (But it does contain sunscreen, so you might as well put it on if you’re going outside anyway.)

      2. I was born in 79 and always had at least one Megan in my class. We say it “May-gen” out here, and it’s hard for me to think of some of my eastern friends being “Megg-en.”

      3. I have to look it up every time. EVERY TIME.

      • Chickens lay eggs; people lie down. That’ll save you from looking it up now! :-)

        I’ll never get over/past the one-space-only after a period versus the TWO THAT IT SHOULD BE OH MY GOSH.

        • It wasn’t until a few years ago that I learned that “they” had taken away my two spaces. Somehow NO ONE informed me of this major event.

      • 1. I wear sunscreen anyway and have Delicate Sensitive Skin, so I’m wary of trying a new kind of sunscreen, but using the punk sticks every single time I go outside unless I’m rushing to the car to go to work is not convenient. However. Amazon sent my BiteMD sticks by LaserShip and they keep “attempting to deliver” while I’m at work and don’t just give the package to the leasing office like UPS does so I still do not have my relief. Do you think the B1 makes a difference? I have tried every non-DEET product I can find and the “natural” ones make the mosquitoes more attracted to me which I didn’t think was possible but! hey! it is. I used to use DEET-filled spray with decent success but Rosalind licks off anything I put on my body so I can’t use it anymore.
        Please remind Simon that I need that Frontline For Humans.

        2. I am not so picky about the pronunciation (because anyone saying ‘Megan’ instead of ‘Meg’ or ‘Meggie’ is someone at work and therefore I must pay attention) but I am picky about the spelling, especially in email where my name is in the signature or the email address itself. Come on! I know there are so many different ways to spell my name but I did it for you RIGHT THERE.

  • I’ll play! Do I answer the same 11 questions?

    • Yes! It looks like some other people have made up a new 11 questions when
      they tag others, but who in the world has time for that? :)

  • […] even if I do find myself censoring like crazy now that I know real life friends read this. (HI!)  Leah tagged me in this 11 things meme, and I’m going to be honest, it felt a little like being […]

  • I was reading along and thinking, “I’m gonna steal this.” Then I got to the end and BAM. Tag.

    Done. And thank you for saving me from meme larceny. Or something.cc

  • I think I’m going to steal it :-) I totally agree about missing the ‘fun’ internet. I have stopped reading so many blogs with blatant corporate sponsorship and affiliate links and God knows what else. Thank you for keeping your blog awesome. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must find out which movie theater around here keeps FROZEN Junior Mints. Oh my gosh.

  • Yay! I’m behind on my blog reading and loved reading this (I love your writing!) and then was super excited to find out I was tagged! (Does that make me dorky? Oh well.) I will do this posthaste! (Using the word “posthaste” probably makes me more of a dork, eh? Again, oh well.)

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