3 Apr

Dandified Candy

I’ll admit there’s an element of lily-gilding* in the act of crafting with candy. I mean, it’s CANDY. You don’t really have to dress it up the way you might, say, feel compelled to turn a bell pepper into an octopus. Or a carrot into Van Gogh’s Starry Night. With candy, you can just dump it in a bowl or Easter basket (or tear open the bag and shake directly into your mouth), and you’ve done your duty. Candy’s nice like that. Candy wants you to be happy.

That said, crafting with candy can be awfully fun, and it doesn’t have to be hard or take up all your time. (And you can eat candy while you’re doing it.) The project I’ll share next week takes mere minutes, and the one below can be done in about thirty seconds (or even less if you employ a small army of small children).


Both are cute. Both are delicious. Both are worth the click-through to sponsored content, and so is the giveaway of Easter candy at the end of the post. Yes. Do it for the free candy.

*Remember that time I gilded an actual lily, like with school glue and gold glitter? That was fun.

This post is sponsored by Global Influence with products supplied by HERSHEY’S.

First: the super-easy, super-adaptable project to get you all warmed up.

Here’s what you need to make a candy nest:

–egg-shaped candy
–straight pretzels
–a small bowl-shaped container


This is stupid-easy. All you do is break each pretzel in half (kids are good at this) and toss them in a small container, which voila, is now a nest for your Easter eggs. Hershey’s sent me a bunch of egg-shaped candy in several different sizes, so I played with various containers to match the scale of each kind of egg. I have Whoppers Robin Eggs (my favorite) in a baking dish, Cadbury Mini Eggs in a silicone cup I use for bento lunches, and Jolly Rancher Jelly Beans (OMG SO GOOD) in a ring dish.




I realize now that I should have included something for scale (a quarter? a banana?), but eh, you get the idea.

As for the candy itself, the jelly beans were a great surprise because they’re kind of sour and there are no gross flavors you have to eat around, and although I don’t recommend them in direct combination with the pretzels, the chocolate + pretzel combo is fantastic.


I love this project because it’s not just for people who celebrate Easter, and you can use any kind of egg-shaped candy you want. Hershey’s has a TON of options–malted, nut-filled, cookies-and-cream, fruity, and yes, those giant Cadbury Creme Eggs–so you can find just the thing for you–er, your kids. These new decorate-your-own chocolate robin’s eggs are pretty neat, huh?


Note that all the bags are open and half-empty. Or are they half-full?

Okay, prize time! To enter to win your own box of Hershey’s candy (the box they sent me weighed EIGHT POUNDS), here’s what you need to do: Between now and Thursday, April 10, leave a comment below sharing your favorite Easter (or spring) tradition AND a link to your favorite craft or recipe on CelebratewithHersheys.com. This contest is open to U.S. residents only (sorry sorry sorry!) and the winner will be picked by random draw. If you want to share the this craft or the contest on social media, we’re using the hashtag #BunnyTrail.

Here’s a sneak peak at next week’s Easter candy project. See you then?



  • Easter is one of my favorite holidays even though I’m barely religious. I love celebrating all the new life and freshness outside. And I like this easter egg mosaic project: https://www.hersheys.com/celebrate/easter/craftdetail.aspx?id=11 (but I’ll probably never do it because the ants would get to it about 3 minutes after I finished. Stupid ants.)

  • Easter candy is so yummy! I love the Cadbury mini eggs, but I associate Easter with the Jelly Bird eggs from See’s candy (http://www.sees.com/prod.cfm/easter_gifts/Jelly_Bird_Eggs). Every year, my gramma would give each grandkid a bag and I would drag it out as long as I could. :)
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Easter candy is so yummy! I love the Cadbury mini eggs, but I associate Easter with the Jelly Bird eggs from See’s candy. Every year, my gramma would give each grandkid a bag and I would drag it out as long as I could. :)
    And since I’m not the craftiest mama, these little candy holders look cute and manageable: https://www.hersheys.com/celebrate/easter/craftdetail.aspx?id=90435
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  • I’m fired from leaving comments! Forgot to link to something on the Hershey’s site and accidentally submitted two (and now three comments). Sorry. Off to drink more coffee! :/

  • I wonder if you could melt some white chocolate in the bottom and make it all stick together – no little bowl required!

  • I’m not going to lie–I still really like dying eggs. The Easter bunny egg racers are adorable https://www.hersheys.com/celebrate/easter/craftdetail.aspx?id=90436

  • Cabury Eggs are one of my favorite chocolates ever! I can totally make little nests with pretzels and the eggs. However, if I was going to go all out and do a craft, I’ve do the Racer cars because I cannot resist the Reese’s Eggs. Also Rolos. https://www.hersheys.com/celebrate/easter/craftdetail.aspx?id=90436

    As for a favorite tradition, my husband’s parents organize an adult hunt on Easter night where we go find eggs in the dark. And they hide money in the eggs. The kids HATE it but it’s the best and they get their own egg hunt during the day!

    • I got a bag of Easter Rolos. They disappeared. Mysteriously.

      And if you like Reese’s eggs, stay tuned for the next project!

  • Is candy a tradition? I mean sure, we do baskets and egg hunts and all of that, but CANDY. Hershey’s makes these chocolate eggs that are like giant M&M’s and they’re my very favorite and I’ll scour the shelves once the holiday is over to extend the treat long past Easter.

  • Favorite spring tradition – the Easter fun run 5k in our neighborhood. They give out the best tshirts! And Peeps cause they brulee so nicely! (Take a blowtorch to them and they get all caramelized/crispy like a creme brulee top!) I love the mini Reese’s mini Easter baskets – my 3 year old would go nuts for it!

  • Dying Easter eggs. (No surprise, my favorite part of any holiday is crafting/creating : Halloween pumpkins are THE BEST because I can actually show off my contour drawing skills, I knit and wove placemats for my mother for Christmas this past year and little trees — I took the cardboard cones around which the cotton yarn came wrapped and painted them with textured green paint so they look like little Christmas trees. I spent all of December tangled in yarn and covered in paint and I loved it.)

    I like the general idea of the Foil Egg Wreath but only if modified so the candy gets pulled off and eaten, it’s a complete waste of chocolate as is. (Unless they’re just crappy milk chocolate eggs. I decided years ago that life is too short for crappy chocolate.)

  • This is a rather obvious one, but my favorite Easter tradition is hunting for candy. My mom still does it for us adults:)

    I think these egg decorating holders would be perfect for my littles to make: https://www.hersheys.com/celebrate/easter/craftdetail.aspx?id=40

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