10 Apr

White Rabbit

I’m late. I’m late. For a very important date with, uh, posting my second candy craft to remind you that today is your last day to enter to win a haul of Easter candy from Hershey’s.

Here’s the other thing I made, and although it’s not quite as easy as snapping pretzels in half, it will still only take you a few minutes, and everyone knows food tastes better when it looks cute.


Click through for the easy DIY, and don’t forget to enter to win the giveaway. As of right now, your chances are really, really good. (Y U NO LIKE CHOKLIT, INTERWEBS?)

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You see that? That’s a Reese’s peanut butter cup shaped like an egg and covered in white chocolate. Oh yes. (There are regular brown-chocolate ones too, if you want to make a brown bunny.)


Unwrap your egg and gather your supplies: white paper, pink paper, two toothpicks, scissors, and a glue stick.


Fold the white paper in half and draw the shape of a nice, long bunny ear that has a 45-degree-angle base. (See the photos below if that doesn’t make sense. Basically, we’re shaping the bottom of the ear so it will butt up against the bunny’s head nicely.) This will be the front and back of one ear, with a toothpick sandwiched between them. You’ll need a total of four ear shapes for each bunny. If you’re going to make a ton of these (the Reese’s eggs come in packs of six), you can certainly have fun making the ears all a little different to give your faceless rabbits a little personality, OR if you’re short on time (always!) or you want them to all look the same, you can streamline the process by folding your paper accordion-style so you can cut out all the ears in one fell swoop.


When you have your ears cut out, use a glue stick to sandwich a toothpick between the matching halves. To get that bottom angle just right, I held the ear next to my Reese’s egg and eyeballed it.


Now cut out the pink part of the ear and glue that onto one side of each ear. (Make sure you pay attention to that bottom angle and glue the pink part onto the correct side.)


Look at that! Your ears are ready to stick into your Easter bunny’s head. The toothpicks go in really easily and are forgiving if you need to wiggle them around a bit to get just the right look.


Aaaaaaand, that’s it! You could embellish these in all kinds of ways (food-safe markers, candy eyes, jellybean noses, maybe put them on a stick and add a snappy little bowtie), but I like the minimalist look, and because I’m lazy classy. (Yeah, right.)


As usual, if you decide to make these (or the pretzel egg nests), please send me a photo. I’m kind of stupidly invested in my crafts being actual projects that actual people will do, and it’s always nice to see evidence when I’ve succeeded. Only actual people need apply.

Now, here again are your contest giveaway details:

To enter to win your own box of Hershey’s candy, jump through these hoops: Between now and midnight on Thursday, April 10 (THAT’S TODAY!), leave a comment below sharing your favorite Easter (or spring) tradition AND a link to your favorite craft or recipe on CelebratewithHersheys.com. This contest is open to U.S. residents only (sorry sorry sorry!) and the winner will be picked by random draw. If you want to share the this craft or the contest on social media, we’re using the hashtag #BunnyTrail.



Have at it!

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