2 Apr

Conservatory Preservatory

Simon thinks I bought him a GoPro video camera for Christmas, but in actuality Santa got it for all of us. Our Flip cameras were on their last legs, and my phone is a million years old and doesn’t take good video, so the GoPro felt like a good replacement for me. For ME.

As it turns out, Simon commandeered all things GoPro (and bought all things GoPro) (and built all things GoPro) and is now the official videographer of the family, which has turned out to be awesome because now I get charming music-video-style recaps of our life in my inbox every week and I don’t have to do anything to make it happen. I highly recommend this method of memory-preservation.

Since I’m still in the middle of a giant (500+ PAGES) book project and don’t have much time to write these days, a video is what you shall have. Here’s our trip to the butterfly exhibit at the Conservatory of Flowers a few weeks ago.

Also recommended: Splurge on a bright red skirt and you can feel like a sophisticated city lady who has her act together, and also the butterflies will take you for a flower and land on you and your kids will think you’re magic.

(Gah. The video quality isn’t great because I uploaded the mobile version instead of the full HD one. Oh well. Just squint your eyes, I guess?)

Butterflies from LeahK on Vimeo.

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  • He’s avoiding stepping on the clover flowers! What a sweet, sweet boy. I’ll pay more attention too, now, to avoid them as well. <3

  • He does it going and coming out; it’s awesome! You can see that he’s looking down to be sure. I love it! :-) So kind.

    • Realizing that makes me love him a little bit more.

      • Exactly! :-)

Have at it!

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