4 Mar

Checkerboard Cake, Mate

Okay, this is kind of fun. I have a few weeks off of work work and am finally taking care of some of the important–ahem, “important”–non-work things I’ve been wanting to do. Like bake a giant cake for no reason at all? Yes, exactly like that.


Cool, yes?

A while back I was looking for cute cake ideas to help out someone on The Prowl, and I came across this checkerboard cake kit. (Affiliate link, yo.) The example shows one made with yellow cake and chocolate cake, but since St. Patrick’s Day was the holiday proximal to my having a free morning to bake a giant cake for no reason at all, I tinted mine accordingly. I bought two boxes (yes, boxes; I’m no hero) of the same white cake mix and then busted out the food coloring. I used about thirty drops to get that nice medium green color. When you’re counting out THIRTY drops, it seems like a lot, but trust me and my extensive experience in green-cake baking. (This is not my first time; this is.)


The process wasn’t hard, but it was a little time-consuming and made me wish (also not for the first time) I had an extra arm. I had to press the rings down into the pan with one hand while scooping and spreading batter carefully into the sections with the other hand, and I think I pulled my abuctor digiti minimi muscle. (That’s my pinkie finger.) If you end up doing this alone, it will help if your batter is nice and thick rather than thin and runny, or if you know how to grow a third arm.


Hey, it worked! Even I enjoy a little suspense in the kitchen provided it doesn’t involve open flame.


I had some white batter left over, so I tinted it yellow and made twenty mini-cupcakes, which, minus their tops (*gobble*) look cute as discs of leprechaun gold.


Speaking of leprechauns, if you’re doing this for St. Patrick’s Day and want to incorporate more of a rainbow element, this would also be cute with green cake and funfetti cake. Or there’s this groovy tie-dye cake mix, which I’ve never used but it looks pretty amazing. Obviously you can also adapt the technique for whatever occasion and using whatever colors. I want to host a tea party and make a lemon cake checkerboarded with yellow and pink. Using red, white, and green would be awesome for Christmas. Or green, purple, and yellow for Mardi Gras? There’s still time! Get on it! Someone should volunteer to make a gender-reveal cake and then checker it pink and blue just to mess with everyone. Ha.

This time around, I added my rainbow by shaking sprinkles against the side of the cake and calling it good. And it was good.


Psst. It looks better than it tastes. White cake isn’t my favorite, but what can you do? Besides, cake is still cake. CAAAAAKE.


This was really fun to try, and obviously I can’t wait to show it to the boys. (Ooh, a black and white cake for a racecar-themed birthday party? Maybe Fox will be into racecars? Maybe I can make him be into racecars?)


I have a feeling there are going to be lots of checkerboard cakes in our future.

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  • I think, based off what I know about Fox, you may not need to press him into liking race cars. Just tell him they crash and burst into flames and that’s all you’ll need to do.

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