5 Feb

All the Colors of My Heart

If I had any nuts to give, I’d give my left one to be able to write an actual blog post about things that have nothing to do with work. I want to update you on the kindergarten situation and how my BABY is EIGHTEEN MONTHS OLD and said his first sentence yesterday (“More broccoli!”) and how Wombat turned fiiiiiiiiiive and is suddenly a little grownup person (sometimes) and how, goddammit, I’m still going to do that long year-end wrap-up meme even though it’s February. (Our Christmas tree is still up; does that make things better or worse?) Alas, it’s a worky time of year for me, plus my MIL’s coming to town this afternoon, plus I’m throwing a birthday party in three days (aaaaiiieeee) and I still have to make the children shirts to wear (dum dum dum dum dum), so for today all I have for you is yet! another! way to use toilet paper tubes for something other than toilet paper. Is this what they call personal branding? Am I the Toilet Paper Tube Lady?



There are two types of crafts:

(1) things you make with your hands that serve some greater purpose, and
(2) crafts you do for the sake of crafting.

The former category includes things like upcycled vases or decorated T-shirts or tote bags or what-have-you. The latter I call “crafty-crafts,” and you pretty much just have fun making them and then hang them on the fridge or display them on a shelf and then throw them away keep them foreverrrrrrr. Kids love crafty-crafts because they have more freedom and the process is often just one step above mom-sanctioned mess-making. My kids especially love them because I don’t try to micromanage their creativity. Too much.


Look at me, being so light and breezy that I don’t even care that the baby is EATING THE PAINT AH MAH GAH HASHTAG POISONCONTROL.


(Use nontoxic, washable craft paint and you’ll be fine. And so will your children.)

Full instructions for this TP tube (yessss) valentine heart stamp craftstravaganza are over at Work It, Mom, along with more photos of the things we created. (We made balloons and flowers and butterfly wings and Wombat wore a superhero mask the whole time.)

Here’s a thing to pin if you’re into that stuff:


And here’s what I just now decided we’re doing for preschool valentines this year because it’s not child labor if they’re having fun, right?



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