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  • So cute! And I always get a kick out of seeing pics of your two boys and how different they are (although obviously carbon copies of you and Simon). My kids are also at either end of the genetic spectrum with my son who has bright red hair, alabaster skin and blue eyes, and my daughter who is a deep golden blonde, olive skinned and hazel eyed. Neither my husband or I have these exact colourings either so they are a random mash-up of our features. Genetics are so weird :) Sometimes I think its a pity we are unlikely to have a third as it would be amazing to see how he/she would turn out! Anyway, long story, but I think your two guys are super adorable and it also would be fun to see how a (hypothetical) third child of yours would turn out.

    OK, I just re-read that and think I probably sound super weird, but I have taken all that time to type it and to hell with it, am going to post it anyway :) Hopefully you get what I mean!

  • It’s funny because I was thinking this exact same thing last night. (S is signing up to get a vasectomy and although we’re not equipped to deal with more than two children, I’m kind of like “noooooooo” for this exact reason. Would a third kid look like Wombat or like Fox or like an entirely different combination of us? I’m so curious! But not THAT curious. :)

Have at it!

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