15 Jan

Take the Blank Out of Blanket

What’s better than a muslin swaddling blanket (my go-to must-have baby supply)?

A muslin swaddling blanket you customized yourself with rubber stamps, of course. (Of course!)


Once you have your supplies in hand (I just order everything online these days), you can seriously make one of these in ten or fifteen minutes. When you give one to a friend, she’ll say “You MADE this?” and you’ll be able to toss your hand in a breezy manner and say, “Oh, it was no big deal” because it really wasn’t.


I made these for my friend Alison and her baby Cormac last fall and finally got around to posting them this week because I was out of town/sick/behind deadline/swirling in the terrifying whirlpool of kindergarten applications, all of which meant having a craft already done and photos already taken was kind of a no-brainer (which is good because I only have a teeny portion of free brain for this stuff right now anyway).

Click on over to Work It, Mom, for full instructions, and then don’t forget to show me your photos when you make some of your own.


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1 Comment

  • Well, now I am going to have to have another baby so that you can make me a typewriter blanket.

Have at it!

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