24 Dec

Starlight Peppermint Cups

Someone asked in the comments the other day if I was crafty by nature or nurture. I don’t know if this answers the question, but surely means something that my brother showed up with ten pounds of candy yesterday and, without a word, proceeded to do this:


The oven was on at 350 degrees and the candy went in on a parchment-lined baking sheet for about 6 minutes. You’ll want to watch them so they melt together to a nice thickness, i.e., not so thin they’ll rip or break. When you’re placing the candies on the baking sheet, make sure you space each set far enough apart so they don’t run together–unless you want them to run together so you can make one large peppermint peppermint tray or bowl instead of single-serving peppermint cups.


Fill it with brownie bites! Or giant chocolate cookies for Santa!


My brother said he saw a photo of a large peppermint tray made with this technique on Tumblr, but it was his idea to form them around muffin tins. Crafty crafty.


We’re serving these for our big Christmas Eve dinner with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of chocolate sauce and maybe some crushed peppermints on top. I’ll update with a photo when I have one. For now, they look pretty sweet with cookies.


I know it’s kind of late in the game to say you should make these for Christmas (although all you need is a bag of candy, which you maybe already have?), but something tells me these will be just as awesome the day after and/or the day after that and/or maybe sometime in the summer too. But one step at a time; I’ve got some eating to do.


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  • No way!!! I can’t believe you can make cups out of starlight mints! I bet kids love seeing this straight out of the oven. Amazing.

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