18 Dec

Martha Trees

This post is not sponsored by Martha Stewart, but it should be. (Call me, Martha!) A few weeks ago I picked up this so-called Martha Wrap (I’m trying affiliate links; do you hate me?) at the grocery store because the idea of a sheet that’s foil on one side and parchment on the other made the craft center of my brain light up like a…well, okay, fine, like a Christmas tree. I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but I was sure it had potential.


One thing it turned out to work really great for was the little notes that go inside each pocket of our advent calendar. I cut and folded and crinkled the paper into interesting shapes and displayed them foil side out to add a little shine to our otherwise subdued calendar. I wrote on the parchment side with a white chalk marker because it looked cool.


The other thing I did was make these foil and parchment non-denominational winter trees, using scissors, double-stick tape, and left-over cone-shaped things from the ivory snow trees project I shared a few weeks ago.


Christmas is only a week away *heart attack*, but you can make one of these in ten minutes or a whole forest of them while watching Love Actually/going on Facebook to snark about Love Actually. (For the record, I’m a lover, not a snarker.) And because these are neutral and silver instead of red and green (like these similar and equally awesome trees I made last year out of felt), they’re good to have around for the New Year too.


This is one seasonal decoration you can let your kids incorporate into their winter scene (cue miniature plastic reindeer and polar bears and dinosaurs) and because they’re cheap and easy and disposable, it’ll be no big deal when they accidentally crush them, tiny son of mine.

If you guessed that full instructions are over at Work It, Mom, you win ten gold stars.


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  • I love your advent calendar! Did you make it or buy it? If you say make, I’ll be impressed, but I’m hoping for buy so I can get one too!

    I’m curious… Do you come by your craftiness naturally (crafted as a kid, crafty mom, etc.) or did you sort of will yourself to become more crafty as an adult/mother? Either way, your ideas are great!

    • I bought it! When I saw it I thought, “Oh, I can make that,” but then I got real and saved myself some tears and just clicked the mouse. It’s from Land of Nod from a few years ago, and although I saw a slightly different one (I think it was just brown and white?), it doesn’t look like it’s on their website anymore. :(

      I do think craftiness is in my genes. I’m from good Mormon stock (all the best craft bloggers are Mormon, have you noticed?), and since craftiness is next to godliness in Utah, I grew up doing artsy-type things as a matter of course. My mom is SUPER crafty too (and in fact the reason the whole Christmas stocking thing was such a big deal is because the ones my mom made us were out-of-this-world amazing); she can knit/crochet/sew anything, and she did some incredible srapbooking awhile back. She’s been crafting something for my kids for Christmas and her latest comment about it was “I am AWESOME, as you will see.” So I also come by humility naturally. Ha. :)

  • From the very start I always told my kids that the guy at the mall was not the real Santa, but a regular man dressed up as the real Santa, to help everyone celebrate Christmas. That wasn’t a problem, ever. Real Santa is far too busy at the North Pole at this time of year to spend his days sitting in malls posing for photos, you know.

    Of course, both my kids were done with Santa before they were six, but I don’t think this had anything to do with it.

    • Oh look, I just totally put that comment on the wrong blog post. It was meant to be for today’s OBVIOUSLY.

  • . . . I feel like I saw that product from Reynold’s or some other brand a few years ago? With a picture of a giant lasagna (wait, spellcheck didn’t like ‘lasagne’ which I thought was the correct spelling, whoops) on the box.

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