12 Dec

Snow Problem

For not having a bunch of sponsored posts this December, you’re welcome. For having a crapton of crap craft posts this December, I’m sorry, but of course not really. What can I say but that I’m taking advantage of the time of year when Those Who Do Not Craft hear the siren call of decorative-edged scissors and steer their ships dangerously close to the six-headed washi monster and whirling swirl of glitter glue. (One hundred gold stars to me for equating modern handicrafts with an ancient Greek epic.)

As always, this project–magnetic snowglobes!–is quick and easy and costs almost nothing. Do it to keep your kids busy or because you want to dress up a tiny apartment for winter or because you need something to give Oh-Don’t-Get-Me-Anything Grandma for Christmas. No time? (S)no(w) problem! This takes just a few minutes.


Full instructions are living over yonder, but here’s a preview.





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  • Yes, a hundred gold stars!

  • Where did you get the magnet containers. They kind of look like the sets in the wedding isle at Michael’s.

    • I got mine at Ikea! They came in a three-pack.

  • They have these at the Dollar Tree now!

  • Thank you I will check it out next time I am there. Thanks for letting me know.

  • Mary: okay where at the Dollar Tree. I searched ours today and no-one seemed to know about them, I even looked online and didn’t see them.

  • We don’t have that store here in Great Falls, MT. I will check Michael’s because I know I have seen them in the wedding section. Thanks for your help.

  • when i click on the link for full instructions there is nothing on the page.

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Have at it!

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