29 Nov

Flake Out

No snow? No problem! We made a bunch of these Borax snowflakes, so we’re all set for our California winter.


Full instructions are, of course, over at Work It, Mom, and they are, of course, super cheap and easy (it’s just Borax and water!), which is the exact opposite effect you get from these super fancy snowflakes when you hang them on your tree or in a window, or use them to pretty-up plain gift wrapping because you accidentally bought an industrial-sized roll of kraft paper that will last into the next millennium, genius.







Remember when I went through a spray-everything-gold phase? Now I can’t stop crystallizing things in Borax.

(The baby tried to crystallize himself in Borax, which I don’t recommend, not only because you’ll have to call poison control but because it doesn’t even work.)

borax crystal snowflake diy Christmas craft

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  • What is the secret to this?? I have tried it twice now and didn’t work either time.. :(


    • Hmmm. That’s weird. There isn’t really a secret to it.

      Did you boil the water and make sure the Borax was dissolved? Did you leave the snowflake in overnight, or maybe even longer? Were you using regular (i.e., uncoated) pipe cleaners? Was your jar away from a heat source (because I’m guessing it wouldn’t work well if the water was too warm)?

      If none of those things is the solution, I don’t know what to tell you. :/

  • How much borox and how much boiling water? Do you put snow flake in when water is cool or warm?

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