27 Nov

You’re Welcome

My least favorite part of Thanksgiving is also the most important part. Fortunately, I’m not talking about stuffing or mashed potatoes with packet-mix gravy, for which I’m soon to be pants-bursting with appreciation. No, the part I could do without is that part where everyone goes around the table and says what he or she is thankful for.


Now, I think the spirit of the tradition is lovely and valuable and, yes, kind of the whole point of the holiday, yadda yadda, but there’s something about the formal manner of taking turns and everyone saying the same thing and then everyone going “awwww” in response…it makes me want to rebel. Luckily I don’t rebel by, like, standing on the table and screaming, or perhaps running out of the house to go get a radical facial piercing; I generally just follow suit and say “I’m thankful for my family” and then while everyone is going “awwwww,” I try not to roll my eyes while making a hand-job motion. I really don’t think the Pilgrims would appreciate that.

So this year we’re doing it my way and ditching the extemporaneous speaking in favor of expressing our gratitude through my favorite mediums: writing implements and googly eyes.




We’ll probably fill the basket with bread on the big day, but I kind of love it with fruit too.

I got the idea for the turkey basket here, and I got the idea to write on the feathers here.

The feathers are made of strips of construction paper glued to strips of cardboard cereal box. You could glue a skewer between the two layers if you think your feathers will need extra stability, but mine are sticking straight up on their own quite nicely. You don’t have to get too fancy with the turkey’s face, either. It looks cute with construction paper and googly eyes (I couldn’t resist the new oval shape), but if you don’t have googly eyes because I didn’t post this early enough for you to prepare because I’m a bad craft blogger, you can totally cut some eyes out of paper too. And if you don’t have a new wooden spoon laying around and aren’t planning to go to the grocery store on the worst grocery-shopping day of the year like I am because I’m a bad Thanksgiving hostess, go ahead and use whatever old mixing spoon you have on hand. Put the face on with double-stick tape if you don’t want to use glue. See how I’m eliminating all your excuses? You’re welcome.


(Pssssst! There’s still time to make these too! They’re pretty much the best.)

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Have at it!

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