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June 26, 2006

In the Flesh


The Internet is a curious thing. Curiouser and curiouser the more I know it, and ever like a rabbithole into a dream dimension. Minus the opium.

On Saturday Simon drove me across the bay to a surprise meet-up with three of my favorite blogstars: Dutch, Wood, and Juniper. They're moving from San Francisco to Detroit later this summer, and Simon, knowing how much I enjoy reading about the little family's life in the city (although in truth, I would enjoy reading about what they find on the bottoms of their shoes on an average Tuesday afternoon, the writing is that good) thought it would be a shame for me to miss out on meeting them in person.

As Dutch said when we met: considering my current state of baby-crazedness, it's surprising that Simon even agreed to let me hang out with those responsible for the Cutest Baby on the Internet. The truly mindboggling thing, though, is that Simon actually came up with the idea and made all the arrangements behind my back and seemed completely tickled to do so. I was, of course, even more tickled, although that joy was lurking underneath a translucent veneer of nervousness and embarrassment that had me wringing my hands like dripping dishtowels because, my lord, the pressure.

Admiration is a slippery thing, and the trick to getting a handle on it is to treat it like soap: use a gentle touch and don't squeeze. The few people I've met from the Internet have been among the most geniune, talented, and beautiful people I've come across online, and before meeting them, the prospect of adding a third dimension to the paper-doll versions I saw online was two-fold crazymaking: 1. I wanted them to be in real life the genuine, talented, and beautiful people I got to know through their writing, and 2. I wanted them to think I was pretty okay too. Meeting the Internets in person, I guess, is a little like deciding to date your best friend: if things go sour, your perfectly solid friendship is all but screwed (har har) and you might wish you'd never approached the shimmering bubble with your pointy fingertips of disillusion. (Apparently I'm caught in some kind of mirrored funhouse of metaphors; I can't stop! Also, I think I have used up the world's supply of colons in this post. Sorry about that.)

All that said, meeting the Internets has so far been ten times worth the risk of disillusionment, and it was really nice to be able to shake hands with three of the people who have been significant players in this whole train of thought. If you have people like that in your online sphere, how about making today the day you tell them so, even if you have to do it via Haloscan instead of over chai and coffee in a café in one of the greatest cities in the world. Plus, when you do it online, no one can see you blush.

p.s. Congratulations to Trish and Cory on the arrival of little Duncan. I've been reading spiritofplace.com for about as long as I can remember, and I couldn't be happier for them all.


How cool is that?
Simon is Mr. Considerate and Thoughty to be sure.

Wow. How natural you look with that little one on your lap.

I actually have some blogger friends (2 couples) coming for a weekend visit in two weeks. So, I certainly understand your feelings here. I've had good luck in the past meeting blogger friends.

In fact, I got engaged to one last weekend...::grin::

Glad your get together went so well!!

I have met a handful of blogger friends. It was a great experience meeting people you feel you know so well! I have not been stabbed yet. Yet.

Umm, cutest GIRL baby on the Internet, you mean, right?
(remember we are the gigantor family here)

here's cheers to you and simon

I've yet to meet an Internet buddy...most of mine are already real life buds, except for you and a few others.

I'd be pretty nervous too, but really, how bad could it be?

Glad it went well :)

I have yet to meet my favorite bloggers and would love to do so. Blogging really does let people into your world and in a way readers know you as well as personal friends. I so want to meet some of my blogger friends. Hey maybeI should email folks and see if they like me too and want to hang out.

I thought I was the cutest kid on the Internet. Crap!

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