6 Nov

A Turkey Tale

Once upon a time I tried to attach a crepe-paper poof to a pumpkin and to make it look like a Thanksgiving turkey, but instead it looked like a pumpkin with a crepe-paper poof sticking out the back, and so I abandoned that idea and made these instead.


Yes, they’re toilet paper tubes covered with glitter and googly eyes and sitting for a staged photoshoot in my backyard like they’re competing for America’s Next Top Gobbler. The one on the left is working really hard on his smize. Yes, I realize I may be teetering on the edge of sanity. Yes, there is still glitter everywhere. (EVUHREEWHERE.) Yes, I’d do it again (and probably will, since I was on deadline and made these without Wombat and dude was wounded I dared have so much fun without him).

Even so:

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 10.44.21 AM

Full instructions are here, so go check it out.

(Would it be weird to give them names?) (Don’t answer that.)

(The one in the back is Henry Watson Fowler.)

(The cute one is Christopher Turk, named after a character from television’s hit show Scrubs.)

(Somebody please stop me.)




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Have at it!

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