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May 6, 2005

The Thing

So apparently my "thing" is going down to LA for forty hours or less: the Los Angeles quickie, that's what I do. I feel so dirty. But it could be worse. At least it's not a succession of marriages to men fifteen years my junior or facility managing startup meth labs or sleeping with anyone associated with American Idol or something.

The sequel to last month's LA trip with Gayle will occur next Saturday, when Teddy and I are going to Secret Agent Jo's post-Paris party. Saturday morning we will take the swank silver Eclipse that you'd swear must be powered by our voices raised in song, hurtle down I-5 to the southland, pop in for SAJ's party that night, find somewhere to sleep, and then wend our way home on an as-yet undetermined route so we can avoid going up the Grapevine and having Teddy's ears go all wonky like they do every time they experience a major elevation change. Depending on how early we leave on Saturday and how late on Sunday, we just might have time to say a drive-by hello to those of you who live in the area. Rather than attempt to herd all you cats into a central convenient location, I figure the easiest thing is for each of you to just stand outside your apartment between the hours of 5 p.m. Saturday and 5 p.m. Sunday and wait for me. If I see you (you might consider making a sign for me on neon posterboard to make it easier), Teddy will wave and I will throw taffy, so it'll be worth your time and effort. I look forward to seeing you!


Ugh - you're brave to go up and back in 40 hours. I used to think nothing of that, and now I refuse to drive unless I am going for more than a week. I hardly ever drive 5 anymore -- opting for the slower but more fun 101.

Have a good time - we're headed down there this weekend (by plane).


say hi to SAJ for me, and have a great quickie

Meth has its positive points, to be fair.

No fair! I want to go to that party, too! Say hi for me and have lots of fun!

Sorry Jeannie and I have a wiffle ball game that day.

Hrm, do you feel like going to LA for the 4th of July? Guess who's coming to towwwwnn...(me).

Fourth of July, huh?...

Will, do it like this.
Will, do it like that.
Will, do me with your whiffle ball bat.

And by the way, she's right. They are FANTASTIC. Holy shit, Will, you have no idea. I've seen a good bunch in my life, but without question, these are the best. In every way. EVERY way. Oh, Christ, I am so fucking lucky. Ho lee shit.

If anyone finds out what's going on between those two, please make sure to NOT tell me.

Did she show you the photos we took in my kitchen?

You're coming! You're coming! I can't even believe it! Yay!!! I'll have to hook you up with some return trip tunes!

No. Did she show you the ones we took in her bedroom?

ha ha ha.

Wow - I get tired just reading your posts. Sounds like a lot of fun!

Dear Jeannie,

You suck, but I love you.


Somehow I get the feeling your wending won't reach all the way to north central Texas. :-(

Somehow I get the feeling your wending won't reach all the way to north central Texas. :-(


Your Blog is so great. I totally enjoy reading it.
I hope you have a lot of fun on your trip!

Dancing With Tears In My Eyes


Argh! My one chance to meet you and I'm going to be in Vegas!!! Argh!!!

There will be other chances...like maybe in Vegas sometime, just for kicks.

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