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February 11, 2005

Right Now

feeling: like a dork for spending a fifteen minutes this morning clicking "refresh" so I could be one of the first fifty people to pre-order the new Crooked Fingers album and get a free EP of demo songs

wondering: if I should still send John D MountainGoatsMountainGoatsMountainGoats his Creole Kid record even though he snubbed my Internet Boyfriend and made him sad

wishing: i weren't still (still!) sick

rejoicing: that my cat only puked on the rug once last night (the other two times were on the hardwood floor)

contemplating: something dramatic involving a convertible and a shotgun

enjoying: tennis shoes

peeling: microwaved pre-shredded processed cheese from a paper plate and eating it


Convertible - GOOD
Shotgun - NOT GOOD

Microwaved pre-shredded processed cheese - GOOD

I know what you mean by feeling like you should be somewhere else. It's been 11 months for me - something is missing...

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