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September 19, 2004

Miss Utah

Hello lovely Internet people. I'm writing this from the Motherland, Salt Lake City, where I've flown for the weekend to attend my grandma's 80th birthday party, which will be held this evening in my aunt's garage. That should be interesting.

I've had a swell time here over the past two days. I've eaten some good (free) food, I've watched some crazy only-in-Utah tv, and I've seen some atrocious self-inflicted haircuts on the men of the valley (remember the Flowbee?) Most of the interesting moments are best illustrated with photos, but since I'm working with the Slowest Internet Connection Ever and I don't want to spend my morning trying to upload images, you'll have to settle for just one. One that hasn't been optimized or color corrected or anything.

This is the Baby, doing what he does (trying to ignore me by pretending to sleep):


Okay, calm down. I'm not going to leave you with just a picture of a sleeping cat. Here is me last night, watching the Miss America Pageant the way it should be properly watched: in an evening gown.


I also participated in the casual wear competiton and the quiz round, but skipped out on the swimwear and talent portions, but only because I didn't pack my ugly fluorescent bikini or the chickens and the strobe light. Ah well, there's always next year.


Did you win?

looking pretty damn fine miss leah!

You could totally have a career as a game show hostess!

Golly, those sure are some lapels you've got going on there.

Oh man this makes me wish we were neighbors... I swear, I used to do the same thing. And now I am wondering why did I ever stop? If Leah can do it, so can I. I am so pissed that I now have to wait a whole year...

You looked rocken in that dress, by the way. Waaayyyy better than Miss Alabama. I was totally rooting for Miss Louisiana. And yelled, "WHAAAAT?" when the announcement was made.

The worst part of my response is, now I've disclosed that I was home in jammies, watching this show on Saturday night. God, I hate being old.

You were Miss Utah once, weren't you?

I think you'd really have a shot at winning, until you ace the quiz and prove to be too smart and talented to wear that crown (which I've heard cuts IQs in half). Beautiful!

va va voooom!

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