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August 29, 2004

Horse Stew

After weeks of feeling like I've been outside of my life (the trip to Vancouver, guests staying in my house, my parents' visit), I'm finally back to my regular old self and my regular old routine. What that means is that I've spent the whole morning doing nothing nothing nothing but procrastinating important chores and errands and watching horrible tv (have I mentioned that I have no NBC reception, which means NO OLYMPICS?!?!). The other thing I've been doing that is definitivly normal for me is worrying about what to wear to a rather peculiar social engagement I was half tricked into for this evening.

A few days ago the honest-to-goodness ex-jockey who lives in my basement asked if I had seen the show Cavalia, which is kind of like a horsey Cirque du Soleil. I told him no, I hadn't seen it but that it looked really cool. He said he had been making things for the show (he and his apprentice, the future heartbreaker Cesar, craft saddles and stirrups and other equine accoutrements for racehorses) and that he could get some free tickets to a show this weekend. Did I want to go? Sure, of course I'd like to go.

I spent the next two days wondering who I should share my free tickets with. If I got four, that would be easier since I could take some friends from work or invite some people I want to make better friends with from "the group." If I only got one ticket, though, the only person I could think of taking would be Ethan, and as much fun as that would be, it didn't seem like the right thing to do. I crossed my fingers for four tickets.

On Friday I told George I'd be able to make it to the Sunday night show. "Great!" he said. "Cesar, what time does the Sunday show start at?" "Five." "Perfect. It'll be great. We'll be able to go in the back entrance and wander around backstage and look at the setup since I know the woman who's coordinating the show." Um, excuse me? We? As in me, George, and Cesar, or, even weirder, me and George, the man who is old enough to be my father and short enough to be by eight-year-old cousin Sara? Yipes.

So now I'm all worried about this. George is a wonderful neighbor and one of the nicest people I know, but I do find it a little odd that some guy I don't know very well is taking me out to a show. Especially since in the last few months he's invited me down for dinner more than once and last week he asked me if I wanted to play hookey from work and go sailing on the Bay. Yeah. Am I just paranoid or is that really weird?

And while I like to remember his having indicated that Cesar would also be accompanying us to the show this evening, for some reason I'm preparing myself to have him noticeably absent. How bizarre would that be, me and George? Ew ew ew. *shudder* Maybe I'm stupid, but I'm going to go. "Free" and "backstage" are powerful persuaders.

The problem now is what to wear. I most definitely have to look as unsexy as possible, but besides that, what is one supposed to wear to a horse ballet anyway? The tickets are pretty expensive, which makes me want to wear a skirt or some nice pants, but it's also under a tent in a gravel parking lot next to the highway, which makes me want to wear jeans and boots, if I had them. I certainly don't want to draw any more attention to myself than I already will, but I'm not quite sure which way to go with that--risk being underdressed or overdressed. Ugh. Why doesn't the government just issue everyone uniforms already? A nice gray jumpsuit sounds so glamorous right now.


Go. (Well, you've probably already gone.)

Have fun.

It's a ballet, and it sounds like fun, and assume no weirdness until you are presented with it full face (not be confused with full frontal, which is a whole different kind of weirdness.)

And? I'm sure whatever you wore was fine. Just remember, people are there to look at the show, not at the attendees.

I'd suggest wearing a skirt WITH cowboy boots... although, come to think of it, that would be hot. Nevermind. Don't listen to me. I know not of what I speak.

My daughter and I went to Cavalia on Opening night, you will be SO GLAD you went. AS for what to wear, there were folks in anything from jeans to furs. I would suggest that if you're going backstage that you wear comfortable shoes, and since seating is crowded don't wear a skirt (I hate trying to sit "lady like"' in a skirt when my knees are jamed into the back of someone elses head.

Oh, and I just checked the date of the post and realized you wen't YESTERDAY! Duh! sorry!

So - did you have a good time? Did you like it?

Not saying you shouldn't go (shouldn't have gone) just saying, yeah, he rikey you! Men often do not understand when someone is an inappropriate match for them. Maybe women don't either, and they just haven't been interested in me. *shrugs*

He DOES like you....but c'mon, how could you pass up a horse ballet?

Yay for horse ballets. I've never been, but I'm sure they're gobs of fun.

And don't even get me started on missing out on the Olympics. I already missed the Opening Ceremonies and I missed the Closing ones too! Gawd.

oh, I totally had something good to say. and now it's too late. oh well, i'm sure you found the perfect thing. hopefully your neighbor was just being a nice neighbor who's looking out for you now that's you're living without ethan. hopefully....

Hope the experience was fun and not weird. I would have told you to definitely NOT wear a saddle. That would send the wrong message to a jockey.

So, um, what ever happened at the horse show?
-a newbie who's been enjoying your writing

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