Hi, I’m Leah, but not really.

Sometimes I look like this:

Sometimes I look like this:

Mostly I look like this:

When I started my first website, in 2003, I used my real name and suffered the consequences, so for the last eight or so years I’ve been writing here (and elsewhere) pseudonymously, which is sometimes awkward and confusing but mostly good because the illusion of anonymity is juuust strong enough that I can feel comfortable writing here about all sorts of things that I’d rather not show up when a future employer or former classmate Googles my name. See also: Why I am not on Facebook. Yeah, yeah, whatever.

My life, in brief, to date, is such: I was born in 1979 in a suburb of Salt Lake City, where I lived (in the same house) until I graduated college and moved to Berkeley, California, with my boyfriend of three years. About three years after that we got engaged, and about six months after that we broke up. In between, I started journaling online, which means my oldest archives cover my days as a young fiancee and then a lost and heartbroken single girl; it was a laugh a minute, I tell you. Then a bunch of weird and cryptic posts cropped up, much to the annoyance of loyal readers, but I think they forgave me when they realized it was all leading to the introduction of Simon (but not really) in September 2005, which you might say is when agirlandaboy.com got its goove (and its “boy”) back. He’s a musician, a smart-ass, a people person, and one of the kindest, most thoughtful and selfless human beings you’ll ever know.

(No, really.)

In the last seven years, we’ve lived in a crummy Chinese apartment, fostered a giant tabby cat, travelled to exotic locales, performed feats of strength, endured great sadness and great happiness, and worked hard to build a life that now includes a gently haunted house in Oakland, California, two normal-sized cats (who use their real names online), and a son, Wombat, born in December of 2008, even though I told Simon not to touch me during the month of March because I DID NOT WANT a Christmas baby. (I hope it goes without saying that my son’s real name is not Wombat and that despite his birthday we’re glad to have him.)

The latest in our string of foolhardy decisions that (so far) have turned out well is that we done went and made ourselves another little boy, due to arrive sometime this July. Wombat calls him Mompth and so we do too.

I like to watch t.v., make crafts of questionable quality, and put away clean dishes. I’m a professional book editor and writer by day, an amateur photographer by compulsion, and a long-time blogger by the grace of the Internet. This blog is not a business or a brand but a personal journal that also just happens to be a bridge to a wonderful community full of people and wisdom and opportunities that it’s almost always a pleasure to explore. If you’re simply aching for more of me me me, I’m a regular contributor to Mom365Work It, Mom, and Style Lush. I’ve also written for CafeMom, MamaPop, and AlphaMom. In the non-mom-site realm, I am the founder of Nice Things Now, an online space designed to inspire acts of kindness that make life more conducive to smiles and hugs.

I am a member of the BlogHer ad network and the Clever Girls Collective, I’m a BlogHer reviewer, a Clever Girls reviewer, and a Nintendo Brand Ambassador. I write sponsored posts, host giveaways, and offer sidebar advertising for products and services I believe in. For details and rates, contact me at leah [at] agirlandaboy.com.

And if you want even more, I have thousands and thousands of photos and videos up on Flickr, a few longer and “produced” videos on Vimeo, and an extremely active Twitter stream. I took my links list down several years ago because it was stressing me out that it was never updated, but if you’re interested in what bloggers I read and love, check my Twitter account’s Follow list.

I love comments and email almost as much as I love Filet o’ Fish and these guys: